Your Days of Struggling Through Facebook Marketing All Alone Are OVER.

Prepare to be blown away by what you can accomplish with an expert by your side.


We get it.

This marketing stuff is hard.

It's overwhelming.

And it can take up a lot of your time and money.

You've heard that Facebook marketing has been making plenty of business owners a ton of money. You've listened to the tutorials, the pep talks, and all the experts telling you that you need a funnel, retargeting ads (what?!), and a series of tripwires, offers, and upsells (double WHAT?!). Perhaps you've even tried creating these yourself only to get overwhelmed by the work and underwhelmed by the results.

We can totally understand why you'd want to go it alone.

Those big agencies? Well, they come with a big price tag and if you're not ready to spend thousands and thousands of dollars on ad spend every month, forget it. They're not interested in you.

And aren't we in a day and age where programs and ad platforms are user friendly? You don't have to be a tech genius to get it done... right? Mostly. That is, until, one little thing goes wrong. What happens when you accidentally mix up the code on something or you send out the wrong email to (eek!) thousands of your followers and embarrass yourself and your brand?

Plus, isn't the great thing about social media that you can post your products and people buy them? Totally. Unless it gets lost in the algorithm. Or the bigger brands decide to run an ad and take up room on the newsfeed that your little page should have occupied.

It can't be that hard to set up a Facebook ad, right? It's not. But it can be tricky to set up an ad that WORKS and actually gets results. It's even harder to create an entire system around that ad that not only gets you sales, but helps keep those people engaged and coming back for more.

And finally, if you let an agency take it over completely, won't you be at the mercy of that agency forever? If you don't know how to change or adjust something, you'll have to reach out to them for every little thing, racking up billable hours. Plus, couldn't they tell you anything and you'd just have to trust them because you don't know any better? Pretty much.

But luckily... there's a BETTER way that's the BEST OF BOTH WORLDS!

Let us introduce you to our Done With You Funnel Creation Program:

Get 1:1 Guidance from an EXPERT to Build A Marketing Funnel that WORKS!

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How does it work?

Easy. Here's what you get:

Expert Guidance

We'll show you the virtually unknown method for selecting an audience that’s hungry for what you're selling. No more wasting your time and money talking to people who have no interest in your products. 

A Blueprint for Attracting Your IDEAL Customers

Your ideal customers will seek you out with money in hand, ready to buy.

At the same time, you lock out your competition. 

A results-getting sales funnel up and running in 30 days or less.

100% Personalized for your unique business, customers, and needs. You'll start seeing a flow of new revenue, as clicks turn into customers for you. 

1:1 Coaching and Guidance

This isn't a series of videos or a book you read and hope for the best. Our program allows you to work one on one to create your unique funnel with the expert - BRIAN HAHN!

Don't waste another second of your valuable time.

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What Our Clients Say


"I've got 20 years of experience in online marketing, and yet I was striking out with Facebook advertising; I was frustrated and felt like a dunce because my Facebook ads weren't getting any clicks or the clicks they did get were terribly unqualified leads. Brian and his team stepped in, created new ads, and started driving highly targeted leads to my landing pages -- without breaking the bank. I'm a huge fan of Brian Hahn and Go Social Experts. I can't recommend them too highly!" 

Kevin Donlin, Marketing Optimizer + Copywriter, Client Cloning Systems 

"Brian and his crew there are wonderful. We have been able to grow our business tremendously just by utilizing the easy tips that he provides to businesses like ours. If you are looking to grow your business at all online, Go Social Experts should be a part of what you are doing every day."

Chris Colbert, Owner of Pop-A-Lock 

"Our Facebook page growth had stalled. Brian worked with us to develop and implement a plan to increase our presence on Facebook as well as to engage our fans. Our audience has grown from 651 fans the day before we started working with Brian to 2,143 in 45 days. The fans we attracted are in our target audience. We are thrilled with the results Brian helped us achieve." 

Dori Soukup, President and CEO of Insparation Management 

"We have been with Brian and Go Social Experts now for about six months now and it has really made a great impact on our business. He has really over-delivered. We are thoroughly pleased with the work he has done for us and highly recommend Go Social Experts." 

Simone Cobb, owner of Cutting Horse Training Online 


Your Satisfaction is 100% GUARANTEED!

If you’re not happy with our service in the first 90 days, there is no cost. You pay nothing. PERIOD.

That’s right. We put our money where our mouth is and back all our work with an iron-clad 100% Money-Back Guarantee. It’s very simple. If you're not 100% delighted with your new results from Facebook advertising after 90 days, you get your money back. Every penny.

That means you can NOT make a mistake in working with us.

Our 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee is on top of our “No Contracts, No Commitments” pledge.

That’s simple, too. Unlike other services, we don’t force you into a long-term contract. Our work is always month-to-month, with no long-term commitments. Because we’re confident enough in our work that we know you’ll want to stay with us.

You Have Nothing To Lose And Everything To Gain.

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