Amanda Sharp

Eau Claire, WI
April 3, 2015

I can rely on Brian to always be in touch with what’s new and up and coming with Facebook and Social Media. He has brought several resources to my attention to help improve our Facebook page, such as photo editing websites (Canva), digital document files (Dropbox), and various blogs (Jon Loomer) which I have found to be very helpful.  In my opinion, the fastest way and quite frankly, my favorite way I have learned to increase our Facebook “likes” and interaction with our Fans is through Contests.  When Brian and I started working together, he explained to me all of the services that his Company can provide to us including creating contests, from the coding to the layout to the selection of winners! Not having an artistic bone in my body, I was able to rely on one of his talented employees to fully design, create and upload a contest for us, with little to no problem.  I simply gave his employee the “vision”, colors and concept of how I wanted the contest to operate and he was able to execute the design, layout and overall structure of how our contest would look and flow.  Once everything was in place, I was able to review the final product in the “test” mode on our Facebook page to see what it would look like and what our fans would experience once it went live.  Our contest ran for 45 days and we promoted our Contest through Facebook only.  Our main objective was to get more “Likes” on our Facebook page, while also promoting our business and the fact that we are a wedding venue.  We required entrants to provide a photo and a story that included how the couple met, how he proposed and why they deserve a dream wedding.  Our prize package was worth over $4,000 and was awarded to the entrant who received the most votes.   In order to vote, you had to first “Like” our Facebook page and we only allowed 1 vote per Facebook account.  When we started our Contest on October 2nd, 2013, we had 186 Facebook Likes on our page.  When our contest ended on November 15th, 2013, we had 897 Facebook Likes; that’s a 500% increase with 711 NEW Likes!  We had over 30 entrants and by the end, our winner had received 1,000+ votes.  We promoted our Facebook Page through Power Editor using Sponsored Stories and Images to draw attention to our Contest.  We spent just under $680 to promote our Wedding Day Giveaway and booked 2 Weddings in addition to our winner from our Contest.  We were more than thrilled with the results, as our Wedding Page was just getting started prior to our Contest! As of now, we currently have over 1,300 Likes on our Wedding Page and I think our Wedding Day Giveaway, and Go Social Experts, deserves a lot of credit for the success our page has received! It has been a delight getting to know Brian on a business level and as a friend.  Since we started working together, we have gained confidence in one another and challenge each other on a weekly basis.  I can rely on Brian to have answers to my questions in a timely fashion and to be there when I need help making my vision become a concept on Facebook or to simply help me find the right photo size for an advertisement.  When I started in the Social Media Management position, I was not confident in my ability with a Business Facebook page.  Brian has helped me to understand the concept of a Business page and why it’s important to have a Business page with the appropriate “voice”.  With the help of the Go Social Experts team and the mentoring from Brian, our Facebook pages have grown rapidly within the past year and I am very thankful to Brian for not only helping me create goals, but how to achieve them and beyond.

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