5 Reasons You Should Care About Webinars


Webinars have exploded over the last few years and may be just the thing you need to take your career, business, or hobby to the next level. But what are they?

The word webinar comes from combining the world wide web and seminars.

 Web + Seminar = Webinar

Essentially, these online training classes replace the need to travel to a seminar or class in order to learn information. And in today’s busy world, getting some extra time back into your schedule while still pumping up your skills is invaluable.

But if you’re still not convinced, here are our top 5 reasons you should attend a webinar:

  1. Convenience – Webinars can be participated in from just about anywhere that has an internet connection. While some require your full attention, others can just be passively listened to while you’re doing the dishes or sitting in your favorite coffee shop.
  2. Time Savings – As I mentioned above, there’s no need to waste any time on travel when you can learn right from the comfort of your office (or sofa!). If you were to attend the same class 30 miles away you’d lose at least an hour of time in your workday for the commute. Now imagine what you’ll save if you avoid traveling across the country!
  3. Valuable Information – Assuming you didn’t sign up for a webinar you have zero interest in (why would you?), you’re likely going to get information that is actually valuable to your business. In a traditional seminar setting, you could spend a full day (or days!) sifting through hours of speakers to get the information that’s actually pertinent to you. Webinars are usually far shorter than a traditional seminar and the topics are much more focused. Which means you get the information that actually matters to you.
  4. Cost Savings – Did you know that a lot of webinars are FREE? They are. And the truth is, you’re probably going to have to listen to a sales pitch at some point during the presentation. But the best webinars deliver so much value that a few minutes of someone talking about their product won’t bother you. In fact, you may actually WANT to buy what they’re selling. Likely, it’s an enhanced or next step version of whatever webinar you signed up for in the first place – so it’s a product that will likely matter to you. And for the ones that aren’t free, they often cost hundreds less than a traditional seminar would because there is little overhead or coordination for the business or person presenting.
  5. Growth – Whether it’s you or your business that grows, webinars are a wealth of information that can transform. Thanks to the internet, it’s easier than ever to learn and grow your knowledge base. Assigning staff to a webinar gives them constant access to training and development. And the same goes for you – you keep learning too which means your business keeps growing!

In short, webinars offer a wealth of information at an affordable (or free!) price and should be a cornerstone in your learning and development plans.

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