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Channels of Communication in Today’s Culture – Episode 135

Welcome to the Go Social Podcast featuring Marketing Expert, Josh Hightower! There are so many ways to communicate today: WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, LinkedIn, Phone, Fax, Letter, and Text. Be sure you are not limiting yourself to only “old school” channels. Listen to this episode and learn more about all of the ways Josh and his… Read more »

Social Media – A FREE tool for growing your business.

Social Media Tools For Growing Your Business

Chances are you have heard about social media. (LinkedIn and Facebook, anyone?) You may have even tried it with a not-so-good outcome.  Say no more…. Social media is about to become your best friend. There are many tools you have at your disposal with all the social media platforms but today I’m going to talk… Read more »

Reach Out to a New Connection

Go Social Experts, located in Eau Claire, WI, offers social media management strategies for Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms.

This week it’s time for a quick tip, something you can do easily that will multiply the results from your networking efforts. We all know that meeting new people is a great way to grow sales. The challenge is that a new connection can take time to nurture before sales come. If you want to… Read more »