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This week it’s time for a quick tip, something you can do easily that will multiply the results from your networking efforts.

We all know that meeting new people is a great way to grow sales. The challenge is that a new connection can take time to nurture before sales come. If you want to read more on the importance of nurturing your audience, click here to read an article I wrote previously.

You meet a new person who is a likely prospect for what you sell. You talk a few minutes and make a good connection. You leave after exchanging cards and agree to talk again.

What do you do with the information on that card?

For sure you put it in your contact list or, if you prefer old-school methods, you put it in your Rolodex.

You enter it into your CRM with a note about what you talked about and schedule a reminder so that you can follow up at the agreed upon time.

Have you considered sending a LinkedIn connection request?

This is a nonthreatening way to connect with this person without seeming to be a pushy salesman. You’re simply reaching out to add them to your network.

LinkedIn is great for this. People don’t feel like it’s a big step, yet when they accept, it’s another small connection to you.

Now they’ll see anything you post or publish, and you’ll be able to see what they post and publish. If you want to move this relationship along faster, like and comment on what they share on LinkedIn.

Using LinkedIn in this way can move people from prospects to customers sooner.

It takes more than one encounter with you to move someone to buy. According to studies, 80 percent of sales are made from the fifth to the twelfth meaningful contact with you.

Use LinkedIn to get these touches faster.

One bonus tip: If you really want to stand out above everyone else this person meets, send a handwritten thank-you card. It doesn’t take much time or cost much, but that one gesture is so unusual that you’ll stand out in your prospect’s mind high above everyone else.

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Have a great week!

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