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Overcoming Labor Shortage Issues – Episode 103

Welcome to the Go Social Podcast featuring Marketing Expert, Josh Hightower! How do you find great employees without the stress, hassle, and expense that are so common? Listen to marketing expert, Josh Hightower, as he unpacks how to overcome the labor shortage woes and the importance of using systems in the process. Most business owners… Read more »

Let’s Do It Again!

“Let’s Do It Again!” That’s the message I received from one of my clients, Richard. He had worked with us in the past with great success and he wanted to try something new. He had started a new division in his company, and he wanted to use Facebook to promote it. He was targeting Non-profit… Read more »

The Secret to Getting More Done in Business

This past year my business has grown. The challenge is now we have more to do and how do we get everything done? All my team members and I have our responsibilities and we’re working at near full capacity. Might be getting close to time to hire again, but that’s for another day. The biggest… Read more »


Has this ever happened to you? I was at work, putting the finishing touches on the implementation of a marketing campaign for ourselves. We had landing pages built, emails were written, webinar platform in place and we were putting the last finishing touches in the software that controlled all of this. There were lots of… Read more »