What Our Most Successful Clients Do

I was eating breakfast with ­­­a client recently, and he asked me what our most successful clients did differently than the ones that struggled.

I had to think a few minutes, was it they know their audience better, do they have a better offer, do they have better videos or copy for their ads, do they have better landing pages, do they . . .

While all the above are important, none of them is the key to their success.

Our most successful clients have follow-up systems that move people from interested to becoming customers or clients.

Once they get a person’s contact information, they follow up relentlessly.

They have emails going out, retargeting ads, Facebook messages, text messages, phone calls, anything they can to stay in front of this prospect.

They know that they can help the person who reaches out to them, so they don’t stop with the follow-up.

In the follow-up process, they also have short-term and long-term follow-up.

When someone opts in, they are more likely to respond when you follow up in a short time frame.

However, if they’re not ready to buy, and to be honest, most aren’t right away, our successful clients have mid-term and long-term follow-up.

After the list above and the prospect hasn’t moved forward, they move them to a less aggressive form of follow-up.

They keep them on a weekly email that goes out, they invite them to webinars and events they are having, they may put them on a physical newsletter that goes out monthly, etc.

All of this keeps you in front of your prospect until they are ready to buy, and they do it in a way that the prospect looks forward to receiving.

This is nurturing the relationship they have with their prospects.

You’ve paid for getting these prospects on your list, don’t waste that money.

You’ve spent money or time and have created a list of prospects. Some are ready to buy right away, but most aren’t.

The future success of your company depends on how well you monetize the group of people who don’t buy right away.

When you systematize this, it doesn’t take much time or cost much money.

When you work with us, we evaluate your entire marketing system and recommend what needs to be done.

After all, if you’re not following up well, it’s not as likely you’re happy with your Facebook ads results which means you’ll be looking for a different agency to help you, who will have different ideas and get you more people who won’t stick around because you’re not following up.

You get a new agency with the same results until you make changes to your follow-up system, and then the next agency will be a hero.

If you want to see how we can help your business grow, reach out to us at www.gosocialexperts.com/workwithus.

Have a great day!


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