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2022 Marketing Outlook – Josh’s Crystal Ball – Episode 102

Welcome to the Go Social Podcast featuring Marketing Expert, Josh Hightower! How should you transition into a new year? Marketing expert, Josh Hightower, shares his outlook for the new year. Here are some of his insights or “must haves” for every business: Automation in all areas of your business: Internal, External, New Hires. Here are… Read more »

Consistency Builds Momentum

What differentiates the really successful businesses from the mildly successful businesses? From what I can tell, one of the core components of being really successful is consistency. This consistency generates momentum and when these businesses get rolling they’re hard to stop. The secret is to get the boulder rolling. Most of the effort goes in… Read more »

Start at the Top and Work Down

Many people start their presentations and sales processes by offering the lowest priced items first. Try the following technique instead; it’s the butcher rule. Some of you may not know that I was a meat cutter for many years. When a customer asked me what to have for supper, it started a process. I asked… Read more »