Coordinate All Your Marketing Channels

As I work with business owners and manage their Facebook presence, I find that they often look at Facebook as a separate marketing channel and want to use it separately from their other marketing efforts.

The temptation is to promote a separate product or service on each channel.

I don’t recommend this. The biggest bang you get with your money is when you coordinate all your marketing efforts across every channel you’re using.

You may be using e-mail, Facebook, other social media platforms, direct mail, radio, or TV. You will get the best results when you have a consistent message across your chosen platforms.

Your message reaches people in more than one way.

They may or may not see your TV ad, your e-mail, or the banner in front of your business, but they may notice your Facebook post. When they see your TV ad or drive by your business again, it comes to their attention.

Each marketing channel makes the other ones stronger.

Don’t spread your money and efforts out so far, that none of your messages are noticed by your prospects.

Today, people are bombarded with so many advertisements that it takes seeing the same message many times in many different places to get a person to notice yours.

Once they notice, you want them to take action. This will take more effort from you.

Coordinating all your marketing channels will help this happen faster.

What about wanting to give all your products and services fair time?

You can promote all your products and services individually over time.

Go Social Experts helps businesses design marketing plans across many different channels, so companies get the fastest, best results.

If you want to see how Go Social Experts can help your company with its marketing plans, schedule a complimentary consultation call with Brian by clicking here.

Have a great week.

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