Has this ever happened to you?

I was at work, putting the finishing touches on the implementation of a marketing campaign for ourselves.

We had landing pages built, emails were written, webinar platform in place and we were putting the last finishing touches in the software that controlled all of this.

There were lots of moving parts and it was all coming together until . . .

The person installing it in the software asked, what happens when someone buys the product?

I should have had welcome emails written and a plan in place but measurements

I hadn’t even thought that far ahead.

I was so busy with all the details of what had to come first, then next and so on, that I hadn’t thought it through to when a sale ,.

After all, when I’m working with a client our job ends once it’s sold so our checklists end there.

We discovered this a week before we needed it so we had time to get it covered, so no harm was done.

But how many times do we let this happen in our business?

We put a plan in place to promote our products and we don’t take the time to plan it all the way through the sale.

Do you think this can’t happen in your business?

In the past, I had the manager of one of my DQs plan an elaborate campaign to increase the sales of cheese curds. They had measurements and rewards in place for all the staff. Everyone knew their goals and they were excited to kick off the promotion.

Then I asked them how many extra cases of cheese curds they had ordered. I got a blank look.

You can’t sell what you don’t have.

These are just two times that I’ve had it happen. There have been more.

How do you make sure this doesn’t happen to you?

I’m going to suggest creating a checklist, which we had done in my latest instance.

But, we had not even put the onboarding the new clients on our list.

However, the person who I had hired to set everything up in our software was a professional and he noticed what was missing and asked about it.

That is one of the advantages of working with a professional.

If he hadn’t noticed this what would it have cost us? One sale, two or more? And the service we were selling was $3997 each.

In the past, I had done all of this myself. Now I see that doing it myself, while it saved me cash up front, may have cost me money.

What are you doing yourself that might be costing your company sales and profits?

Brian “Checking My List Twice” Hahn

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