Overcoming Labor Shortage Issues – Episode 103

Welcome to the Go Social Podcast featuring Marketing Expert, Josh Hightower!

How do you find great employees without the stress, hassle, and expense that are so common?

Listen to marketing expert, Josh Hightower, as he unpacks how to overcome the labor shortage woes and the importance of using systems in the process.

Most business owners default to the common job finder programs. And though that can work, Josh shares another way to find excellent employees by using a simple system that you can use to find great team members (he’s been using this same system since 2014).

Once hired, you need to successfully onboard your new team member to get them up-to-speed quickly. Josh talks about how you can use automation once again to accomplish this aspect of your business.

Josh shares multiple strategies that you can use with new and existing employees to build a world-class team that stays with you longer.

This is one of THE BEST ways to overcome the labor shortage issues regardless of when they happen. Learn more about how automation can help you grow your business from social media marketing to automating systems when you connect with Josh Hightower at GoSocialExperts.com

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