6 Step Video Formula

I’m sure you’ve heard that video is one of the most powerful tools to use in your marketing.

It is, and it also works for recruiting, communicating with your team members, customer service and. . . the list goes on.

You get it, there are many uses for video.

How do you make a video that works? When I say works, I mean, the video gets people to act.

After all, saying you need to create a video is easy, creating it can be challenging for many. What do you say, what will move people to take action?

This is the outline for videos I’ve found to be successful when you want the viewers to take action.

  • Who: We need to call out who this is for?
    •  If you are a ___________________ who is “challenged” with  ______________________________, Watch this.
  • Pain: If we don’t meet them where they are they won’t know we can help them.
    • So, if you’ve been feeling __________________, (this pain can be time related, money related, reputation, health, energy, or            relationship related). We tell them how they can overcome the challenge
  • Glory: The Benefit, Goal, Target
    • And you are wanting to __________________________
  • Story: Let me tell you a story.
    • Character, Before > Detail > Beliefs
    •  Did > Solution
    •  After; What the character’s life was like after your solution. Finish off with, if you want…
  • Steps: Here’s how . . .
    • What
      •  Step 1
      •  Step 2
      • Step 3
  • Call to Action: What they need to do.
    •  Suggestions to offer.
      • Training
      •  Book a Call
      • Click Link
      • Attend an event
      •  Showcase
    • What’s in it for them
      • Benefit
    • Call to Action
      • Comment
      •  Send Link
      •  Send DM
      • Tag Someone

All you need to do is spend a few minutes before you start recording by filling in the details of this template and you have a good outline for a video.

You can make a one-minute video using this template or you can make a 20 minute or longer video using this format. It all depends on the length of the stories you tell and how many details you include.

You also can use many different formats of video to accomplish this. You can tell your story with just pictures. That may be all you need. You can talk to the camera in person and tell the story with words. That works, too. You can also use a combination of the two and that works as well.

For my thoughts on how long a video should be click here to read a past article.

Using video will amplify the results you get from your marketing efforts. When your audience can see you and /or your facility, you’ll start seeing your results improve from where they are now.


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