A Break In Our Regularly Scheduled Program…

I was supposed to be writing about little things that matter, but something came up this week I want to share. The little things will have to wait until next week.

Here’s what happened:

A little over a week ago we were at my in-laws for our family Christmas.

My mother-in-law is a fantastic cook and baker. In fact, she makes the best pie crust I’ve ever eaten. However, I’m always willing to test others to see if they can beat her. So if you want me to test any pie’s for you just let me know.

Now I wasn’t eating pie this time though. I was eating some of her great homemade caramel corn.

And in one of the bowls there happened to be an un-popped kernel.

I bit down without realizing it and felt a pain in my tooth.

Oh oh . . .

Well, I let it go a week before I reached out to the dentist. After all, it didn’t hurt that bad or all the time but nothing I did helped it get any better.

When I finally decided it was hurting enough, I called my dentist.

What was interesting to me, as I analyzed my response, was that I found time to go to the dentist at whatever time he was available.

The week that I called, my schedule was packed. I didn’t think I had time for anything else, but this was important enough (aka hurt bad enough) to me that I was going whenever he was available.

That led me to think about the times I complain about not having enough time.

How could I find two hours out in a packed schedule for something unplanned?

The answer I came up with was having enough time really comes down to what you value.

If it’s important enough to you, you’ll find the time to do it.

So what projects do you have that you’ve been wanting to do for days or weeks?

Do you really want to do them?

If they’ve been on your list for more than a month, one may assume otherwise.

It might be nice to have done but it’s probably not something you’re truly invested in.

Look at what’s on your list to do that’s getting old and make a decision – either get started, or scratch it off your list.

I did go through and review my list of to-dos and made plans to get the old ones done or I decided to remove them altogether.

Try it and I think you might like seeing items disappearing from your list.


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