It Was Amazing What Happened When We Added a Guest Artist to Our Band

It Was Amazing What Happened When We Added a Guest Artist to Our Band

Now I know what you’re thinking, Brian you can’t sing and I didn’t know you played any instruments.

And you’re correct. Not many people have praised my singing voice, and the only instrument I ever played was violin for a few years, back in middle school.

What I’m referring to is my church.

We have a band that leads worship and they do a great job. I’m always amazed at the amount of time and effort the members put into practice.

Recently when we got to church there was a guest singer and musician I didn’t recognize with the band.

They played and sang before worship and participated with the band during the service.

After a few lines of the first song, I knew there was something special about these guests.

The singer was Erin Bode, who has released 8 albums over the past 16 years and she had one of her band members with her.

A person who has put in that much time into honing her craft has a different skill level than those of us who only pursue a hobby or interest part-time.

When I was listening to her and the band, I couldn’t help but think of how the other singers (some of them in high school) were getting a treat.

They got to sing side-by-side with a professional who knows her trade and who was willing to perform WITH them. Erin didn’t steal the show and wasn’t in the spotlight except for the 2 solos she played. All of the other music she performed with the band.

“What does all of this have to do with marketing and my results?”

I was pondering this as I came back home.

“How can I take this and apply it to my business and life?”

I’m still working on making this happen, and this is some of what I’m considering.

You may be doing your marketing well by yourself.

You practice and implement regularly after all your other work is done.

You routinely evaluate the results you’re getting and you are doing OK.

Just like my Church’s band does every week. They’re good.

And like my Church’s band your marketing might be good, but what would happen if you add a professional to your team?

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Brian Hahn