Why Is Anyone Considering Doing Business With You?

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Have you thought about the fact that no one is really interested in your products or services unless they have a desire for them?

Let’s face it no one would be “just looking” at anything if they weren’t dissatisfied with what they currently have.

The job of your marketing is to attract the people who have a need or desire for your products or services.

What do I mean by this?

Recently my family and I went on a vacation.

As we were planning the trip my wife was scouring the different airline sites for flights on the days we wanted to travel at a price we were willing to pay. She was a great prospect for the airlines.

Then she found the tickets she wanted, entered her credit card number and the tickets were hers, and she was no longer a prospect for anyone else. Her needs were satisfied, and we were off on a trip.

Once she had the tickets no matter what another airline offered her she wasn’t a good prospect. She was satisfied with what she had.

Anyone that is going to be your customer is going to be in a state of lack and they feel that your product or service will move them to a state of satisfaction. Your services will take them where they want to go in the time they want to get there.

This applies to services as well as products.

At Go Social Experts business owners come to us looking for help with Facebook marketing. They’ve either heard that Facebook works, and they can’t figure out how to get started, or they have been using Facebook, but the results they’re getting aren’t what they were planning on.

I’ve found that when I talk to a business owner who is happy with the number of leads and sales that they are currently generating, they typically aren’t interested in adding Facebook to their marketing.

The job of Go Social Experts marketing is to find business owners who aren’t satisfied with the leads and sales they are getting and then show them how Facebook can help.

What is your marketing working to accomplish?

Why are people coming to you for help?

Answer these questions clearly and you’ll have people rushing to you waving their credit cards saying “Please take my money!”


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Have a great day!