Are Important Tasks Falling Through The Cracks?

Let’s face it, remembering to send out follow-up emails or to make follow-up calls or to…get’s forgotten unless you have a system in place to make sure it happens.

And most of us don’t have systems in place to make sure they get done, at least not systems that scale with us.

What we do have are sticky notes on our computers or emails mixed in with other emails or a notepad with lists on it. While it works for a while, after time we find ourselves starting to miss follow-up tasks or we’re late getting to them.

How do we fix that?

Well did you know that a good CRM (we’ve been talking about these for a few articles now) will do this for you, and if you set it up properly, do it for you automatically?

What do I mean by that?

In one of our sequences, once someone has applied to talk to me, they get an email invite to schedule a meeting. If after two emails they don’t schedule a meeting then a task is sent to one of my team to make the call and there is a place for them to enter a note about the results of the call.

No more missing these calls and many more meetings with people who are interested in working with us.

Another item that got missed for us was expiring credit cards.

Many of our clients pay us with credit cards that we charge each month automatically and in the past when one expired, we often wouldn’t notice until we didn’t get our payment, and then someone (me) would have to find out what happened.

We set up a campaign that checks the credit card expiration of our clients’ cards automatically and when one is expiring another member of my team gets assigned a task to reach out and update the card.

Problem solved and money in the bank when we expect it.

How can you use this in your business?

The examples above are just a couple of ideas of how your CRM can make your life easier and your business more profitable without any effort on your part.

What would solutions like these mean for your business? For your schedule?

I use Keap to make this and much more happen.

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