Are You Comfortable Selling?

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This question may seem silly, but believe it or not, there are businesspeople who are uncomfortable with the idea of selling.

They know that they need to sell in order to stay in business, but they would rather sales happened on their own without thought or effort.

This objection to selling takes different forms. It may be lack of confidence that your product or services can really help other people. Some business owners don’t want to “bother” people.
Whatever the challenge, this attitude is not a recipe for long-term success.

After all, if you’re offering a quality product or service that helps people, isn’t it your duty to help as many of them as possible?

And if your product or service isn’t high quality and doesn’t help people, why are you offering it for sale at any price? Make the changes you need to and create a product or service you’re proud of, then go out and make good things happen. Be on a mission to change the world, at least the part you can reach and help.

After all, nothing happens until something is sold. There is no work to do or activity to pursue until something is sold.

Some business owners know that they need to sell to be successful. They talk about success, but they don’t do anything different to change their results.

To get different results, you have to take different actions.

Using Facebook to sell looks a little different from using Facebook for your own enjoyment.

How should you use Facebook to sell?

From time to time, offer your products and services to your Facebook audience. It may be something you sell, an invitation to a webinar or training, an offer for free training in exchange for an email, or an invitation to an event you’re hosting. There are many items you can offer that will move people closer to becoming your customer.

The next item your Facebook page needs to nurture an audience is a theme or plan. What kind of content are you posting?

• Is it content you create?
• Is it curated content from multiple sources?
• Are you inspiring people to be better?
• Are you providing guidance?

Whatever you choose, is your audience interested in what you’re posting and do they feel that you’re actually trying to help them be successful?

As you can see, there are many possibilities to consider as you develop your sales-orientated Facebook page.

Remember: It’s all a mindset. Change your mindset; know that selling is helpful, then develop a plan and start selling using Facebook’s formidable power.

Facebook is no exception to the fact that to be successful you have to sell something. It is a powerful tool that can be made to work for you.

If you are wondering where to start harnessing the power of Facebook, you can schedule a Complimentary Consultation Call with me at and we’ll lay out a plan to get up and rolling easily and effortlessly.

Have a great day!