Are You Responding to Email Fast Enough?

Life is moving fast and accelerating.

Your customers and clients don’t like to wait any more than you like to wait. But how do you respond to people’s emails when they expect you to and still have your own life?

It’s a question I’ve struggled with as well as several of my clients.

We want to respond to our customers, but we also have other work to do and we have lives to live. After all, there are things more important than work for all of us, or at least I hope there is for everyone.

The secret to responding promptly and still having time for your life is to automate as much as you can.

You can do this with your CRM.

As I mentioned in a previous article I use Keap as my CRM.

I’ve set up campaigns that automatically take care of responses.

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As soon as you fill out the form you’ll get an email delivering what was promised.

I’m sorry to disappoint those reading this but I’m not actually sitting at my desk waiting for every request to come in.

Do you want to schedule a call with me? Go to and you can, and the follow-up emails you get will all come right away and you’ll get reminders. That’s all done through my CRM.

Did we meet at an event? You’ll get an email from me and, you guessed it, once I enter your information you get an automated email and some follow-up emails

There are many more uses for this and with some thought, you’ll discover more ideas that you can implement.

This use of automation allows you to provide a good experience for people connecting with you while leaving you free to get other work done or to enjoy your life and still be productive in your business.

If you’d like to talk about how Keap can help your business feel free to schedule a time to talk at We’ll talk about what you want to accomplish and I will give you my feedback on how Keap can help make that happen. Plus I may even get you a deal on the software and the getting started program.

Have a great day!


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