Are You Too Busy To Succeed?

Are You Too Busy To Succeed?

I have seen it far too often – a savvy, worthy business person misses out on an opportunity to grow their business and their profits.  Why? Because they’re too busy.

What does that mean, though? Who is too busy for something wonderful like opportunity, growth, and increased revenue?

Well, maybe YOU are.

job burnoutDo you….

Feel like you can’t do one more thing?

Sometimes see the added work of opportunity and growth, rather than the benefits?

Feel like you can’t learn anything new because your head is too full of stuff already?

Wish someone would just take something off your plate so you can breathe?

Avoid attending events because you don’t have time or see the benefit – even if your ideal customers would be there too.

Not want to try new things – especially when it comes to marketing. If it’s worked, why waste time on changing anything?

…Or maybe if one more person tells you how good Facebook is and that you should use it – or use it differently – you’re going to pull your hair out (or if you’re like me, what little hair you have left!).

I’ve been there too, my friends. Every entrepreneur has. We wouldn’t have gotten this far if we didn’t put our heads down and get stuff done – am I right?

There absolutely are times we need to put our heads down and get work done. But we also need to recognize the times when we need to lift our heads up, look around, and see what we can do to improve our results.

What happens when we keep our heads down too long?

Life becomes a grind. We’re getting up every day. We’re working every day. But we never seem to get everything done.  Have you ever noticed that no matter how much you do the list never seems to end?

We ignore the positive. We end up getting so focused on the mountain of work before us, we miss the blue skies behind it.

Problem solving is gone. All we know is what we know and we stop looking for new possibilities. Maybe there are tools or different ways to do something that would alleviate some of the pressure but we’re too blind to see them, much less seek them out.

Our relationships suffer.  Maybe you find yourself snapping at your employees or your family when you get home. You feel like if they could just see the heap of stress you’re under, they’d understand and help you. But they don’t, so you struggle alone.

We lose our energy. Remember why you started this business or career in the first place? Do you still feel the same passion and energy as you once did?

And finally, when we close our minds to new opportunities we’re putting ourselves in a perpetual cycle. We keep putting forth the same effort and applying the same tactics and we keep finding ourselves in the same place. And then we continue to be frustrated by the place we’re in.

Albert Einstein put it perfectly: “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

Here’s the thing, if you never try anything new  (*Cough, FACEBOOK, Cough*), if you don’t meet new people and renew old relationships, if you don’t open yourself up to new possibilities then you’re essentially expecting different results from the same activities.

And you’ll find that you’re not having as much fun.

When I find myself in this situation, I pick my head up and start looking around and I find that everything changes. I am energized by the possibility of new results when I create and implement new strategies.  I find myself imagining a future that is different then what has been.  I start dreaming about what I can do as my company grows.

How about you?

What do you want for your company in the next month, next year, or even in five years?

Better yet, what are you doing to get there? (The same old thing?)

Have you changed how you market?

Have you changed who you are marketing to?

Are you any more efficient in delivering your products then you were 6 months or a year ago so that you can grow and be able to fill the demand?

All at one time these questions can feel overwhelming. But when you break them down, put them into a system, and get started at the beginning you’ll find yourself looking at your business and your life with new eyes.

As you complete the first step you’ll be energized to move to the next step and then the next.

If using Facebook differently can help you with one of these steps, we can help!

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But even if you don’t hire us or use our services for anything, the most important thing I can suggest – from one business person to another – is to pick your head up, look around, and take a breath.

Have a great day!