Are you Working on Going Out of Business?

As many of you know, I grew up working in the grocery business. In many ways, the grocery business is a slow changing business.

To get started a large investment of capital is needed for equipment and inventory, which is one of the reasons that everything changes so slowly, both for stores and for vendors.

Once you buy a piece of equipment you need to get your money from it before it’s replaced, and to make everything more challenging the grocery business is a low margin business.

I’ve been out of the day to day work in the grocery business for a little over 6 years now, and the other day I ran into a Pepsi driver at a convenience store that used to deliver to our store.

He was using a new device to deliver pop and other beverages. He had a power jack that would fit through a regular size door in any business and go down the aisles and into most coolers.

He also was driving a full-size semi with a 48ft trailer that had a lift gate on it to lower the power jack and all the products down to the ground.

I was giving him a hard time about how much easier life was now than just a few years ago, and he agreed that with the new equipment he could deliver more cases than ever before. In fact, Pepsi has him delivering twice as many cases as was the norm before all the new equipment.

What does this have to do with your business?

If a slow changing business like the grocery business can make changes like this in only a few years, what changes have you made?

What changes have you made in your business to enhance productivity?

Do you still operate the same old way using the same old tools?

If you are, you’re working on going out of business.

If your competitors are getting twice as much productivity out of their staff, they are going to be able to pay more, hire the best people, and have lower prices with better margins.

That will be tough to match and still stay profitable.

Now, how about your marketing?

Are you marketing the same way you always have?

Are you only using traditional marketing, or have you added online marketing into your marketing plan?

And if you are using online marketing, is it working?

The world and business is constantly evolving.

What may seem like a marketing miracle quickly becomes the new norm and then the old way of doing things and then eventually something new comes along.

If you haven’t looked at your marketing recently, you may want to re-evaluate it and see how it can be updated to get you better results.

If you’re wondering how you can improve your marketing results, I’ve got an inventory of possible ideas that some friends and I put together. I can walk you through them on a phone call and we can see what possibilities there are for you and your business.

Go to to set up a time for a call. We’ll go over a checklist and discover what opportunities there are for your business. At the end of our call we’ll decide on the best actions for you to take, and if you’d like my help implementing them we can discuss what this would look like. Click Here to schedule a time for your call.

Have a great day!