Are You Building a Business or Looking For a One-Hit Wonder? Part 2

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My last article discussed looking back on your business over the past five years and asking yourself what you see. Did you see a string of separate promotions put together one after another, or did you see a plan that you developed and built upon year after year to grow a business? Click Here if you missed that article.

Now no matter which system you chose, it’s likely that your business looks very different from what you planned five years earlier. That happens to most businesses; but you must ask yourself whether it grew as a business, each year a little more successful than the last, and each year coming with clarification about where you were going and how you were getting there.

Last week, I talked about one-hit wonder products and Facebook advertising. Those are ads that you put together to sell something, and then when the sales stop, you move on to another product. As long as you are willing to constantly hustle and find new items to sell, you can be successful at this.

Another way you can approach Facebook marketing is as an entire system. You use it to sell your products and grow your audience at the same time.

Yes, selling products is necessary, but selling a product the first time is only the beginning. The most successful businesses don’t care whether they make a profit the first time they sell an item. What they really want is the customer. They want a person willing to pay them money for what they’re selling over and over again.

This may sound silly—but many times people say they want something and want to buy it, but when it comes time to pay, they aren’t willing to actually put up the money. The hardest thing is getting the first sale from a customer. Once you get the first sale, don’t stop there.

A Facebook system that’s designed to build your business will be built to capture the contact information of not just your customers, but everyone who you encounter, this will be supplemented with email and possibly direct mail.

A system that’s designed to grow your business won’t be starved for investment. If you are creating sales, you will want to have the best tools you can get. You will invest in paid services that can help you make the sales you want.

Many times, I see people starving their business of necessary tools because they don’t want to spend the monthly fees the services would cost. Yes, I like free and low-cost tools, but only if they don’t slow down my business’s growth. If it takes investing money to grow, invest it. Once you have momentum, don’t slow down. Keep it going.

An effective system using Facebook is constantly building your audiences for you. You will be gathering email addresses, Facebook Likes, and website custom audiences.

As you gather these audiences, you develop a positive relationship with them. This involves educating them as well as entertaining them. You want everyone to know that you can help them succeed and that you are the type of person with whom they want to do business.

These lists of people and your relationship with them are the most valuable assets you have. Click here for a previous article with more information about different types of audiences.

As your audiences grow, you have more people who are familiar with you, and as long as they had a positive experience with your company they will buy from you again and again.

Now you have your base of first-time customers growing. What’s next?

Sell them something else. Hopefully, you have another product or service to offer or you can offer more of the first product they purchased.

The key is to work with this audience. The more familiar people are with your products and services, the more likely they are to buy from you when they need what you sell.

As you add new people to these lists through selling a hot product or other marketing, your audience expands and you will be consistently growing your business.

Facebook can help make all of this happen at a price you can afford. While you are testing, you can spend as little as five dollars a day. Once you know your system is working you can increase the amount your spending and increase the reach of your ads.

There are multiple targeting options when you are looking for new customers, and Facebook is very good at identifying these people for you.

The exciting part of this is that Facebook is growing. As big as the platform already is, there are new people all over the world connecting on Facebook. What’s even more exciting is that many of them log on to Facebook every day and spend time on it regularly. Even longtime Facebook users continue to spend a growing portion of their online time using Facebook.

If you want help setting up a system to bring you a steady flow of new customers, Go Social Experts can help you. We specialize in helping businesses profitably use Facebook for marketing. We can either teach you how to do it yourself, or do all the work for you and let you collect the money.

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