Can Anyone Guarantee Instant Success with Facebook Marketing?

Recently I had a conversation with a prospect, and it went something like this:

     Q: What are you selling

     A: It’s an opportunity for people to . . . .

     Q: How are you going to reach them?

     A: Facebook and LinkedIn and maybe . . . what do you think?

     Q: What marketing assets do you have already?

     A: We have a brochure.

     Q: What do you want people to do once they hear about you?

     A: Fill out an application.

     Q: Do you have a list of people you’ve talked to who are interested in your service?

     A: No, it’s a new service.

The person I talked to has an idea for a service that is needed but hasn’t been done before on a larger scale. He is willing to invest in marketing so he’s ahead of many others.

What he doesn’t have is any kind of system to bring people to his business to get the applications filled out.

Plus, he’s missing large chunks of marketing assets. A brochure is better than nothing, but that is all he has and it hasn’t been distributed widely so he doesn’t know if it gets results.

He called looking for help, and I can help him.

The challenge is that starting where he’s at with the marketing assets he has, it’s going to take time and money to create what he needs.

And as we all know time = money too, so the investment is more than expected.

When you want to hire help to create your marketing and you have an existing business that’s making sales, that’s one thing.

When you have a new business or you’re creating a new offer or service that is a different thing.

In this case, you have to consider the additional design and testing and then evaluating the results and making changes, and doing it all again.

All of this takes time and money before you start seeing results.

It’s not the fault of the client or the agency. It’s just a fact.

Sometimes you get lucky and you get great results on your first try and sometimes it’s your 5th or 10th or 20th try before you get the results you’re looking for.

No one can guarantee that you’ll be successful on the first try.

It’s important to know that going in and be willing to invest the time, money, and energy into getting your marketing system set up.

When you do that, you’re going to succeed…it’s a matter of when not if.

At Go Social Experts we mainly work with existing businesses that have sold their products and services and are looking to grow faster than they currently are. However, we have helped new businesses get off the ground but these have all been second and third businesses for successful business owners already.

We have a proven system that works and after over 8 years and 100s of clients, we have tested our system extensively.

We evaluate your goals, where you are now, and then we create a plan for you to get you where you want to go. We also can calculate the investment it will take to make it happen.

If you’re interested in talking about what working with Go Social Experts looks like go to and fill out the application and we’ll get in touch with you to get a call scheduled.

Have a great day!


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