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canva graphic images

One of the most important parts of any social media post or ad is the image. It grabs people’s attention and gets them to take a look at what message you’re trying to share. But if you’re not a graphic designer, creating an image can be scary. Luckily, we have found a great FREE tool you can use to create stunning graphic images for your posts.

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The idea for Canva came around in 2012 but they’ve been steadily building a solid brand and platform since their full launch in 2013. Since then they’ve added over a hundred thousand users and have grown into a global company.

From their first little design suite, they’ve created an easy to use image creation platform . In just minutes, you can put together a stunningly beautiful ad or post image with very little effort.

Design Screen for Canva

They offer free and paid templates (all of which are beautiful). The entire program is basically drag and drop which means you don’t have to learn any fancy tricks.

However, if you do have the desire to learn more about design they offer Canva Design School. It’s completely free, easy to digest in small pieces, and packed full of useful information.

Canva is free, though you can upgrade to an inexpensive paid subscription if you become a heavy user that needs more features. It’s accessible through desktop, mobile device, or tablet making it a perfect tool for on-the-go design.

All of us here at Go Social Experts cannot say enough good things about Canva and highly recommend you check it out. It’ll take your post and ad images from ok to absolutely stunning with just a few clicks.

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