Complacency is a Great Place to Visit, but a Poor Place to Live

I was talking with one of my mentors and whining a little (Once in awhile all of us have a weak moment). She proceeded to tell me: “Complacency is a Great Place to Visit, but a Poor Place to Live”.

I was complaining about how I would have success, reach a goal, and then plateau, getting stuck there for awhile.

And this cycle was frustrating me.

I had only reached a goal, not my big, hairy, audacious goal, and I didn’t want to leave and move on to my next goal.

After all, working toward a goal you really want to achieve is hard.

It meant that I had to move outside my comfort zone. I had to do things that weren’t familiar, but the familiar is what has brought me the success I’ve had so far, and now I had something to lose.

It’s a lot easier to take risks when you have little to lose.

However, then I think of where I want to be. I look at where I’m at vs. where I want to be, and I get out of the complacency and go back to work.

I know where I want to go and I’m determined to get there. I have people in my life who care about me and want to see me reach my dreams, so they don’t let me sit around being complacent for long.

We need people in our lives who keep us moving forward towards our dreams. We all have times when we either feel like giving up because it’s so hard, or we think, “Where I am now is pretty good, why should I finish?”

Finding these one or two or . . . several people who make sure you keep moving forward are one of the keys to success.

What keeps you moving forward?

When you’re looking at implementing Facebook marketing and it’s not working like you wanted it to, what keeps you trying one more time?

When your Facebook campaigns are working pretty well, and you’re getting decent results, what keeps you working toward even better results?

And when you’re crushing it, every campaign is returning big numbers for you, why do you try something new? As an aside here, you don’t stop what’s working, you add new campaigns.

Never stop something profitable that works for something untested.

For those who will keep experimenting and trying new things, there are rewards.

What gets you up and keeps you moving?

Those of us who keep experimenting and trying new things will find success in all the endeavors we undertake.

Keep experimenting, testing, and implementing and you’ll be one of the people having great success with your Facebook marketing. Your friends and competition will be wondering what you’re doing and how you’re generating the success.

You can smile and know that you put in the work, learned the skills, and implemented what you learned so that you could reach this level.

Have a great day!

Brian Hahn