Converting Prospects Into Clients

We all have them on our list; people who give us their contact information to get our free gift and then never move forward (or at least not in a timely manner).

What do you do?

In some situations, this is a fact of business. I’ve been on people’s lists for years before I bought anything from them, and then I spent $1000s.

Other lists I’m on, I never open another email after the first one or two.

What makes the difference?

When I made the purchase, I had read several emails throughout the process. In some cases, I bought within several months. In other cases, it was a year or more.

The lead magnet (gift) I received from them was valuable.

Some people believe, and teach, that all your lead magnet (free offer) needs is a “Hot” title. The only purpose of the lead magnet (free offer) is to get contact information. Email and other follow-up will do the rest.

I don’t agree with that at all.

I do agree that a “Hot” title is necessary to get people to give you their contact information. If you stop there, you’re handicapping yourself.

I believe the real goal of the lead magnet is to get a person’s contact information and the content of the lead magnet moves them forward toward the next step of becoming a client.

If people don’t  feel like they’re getting value from your free material, why would they pay you for something?

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve downloaded someone’s lead magnet and it was junk. It was poorly put together; I can forgive that. Not giving me at least a small ah-ha, a different way of looking at your topic or some other takeaway leaves me with a feeling of wasted time.

Your new subscriber needs to get pleasure/value from the content for them to look forward to getting your follow-up emails and opening them.

When they don’t get pleasure/value, then you’re just spamming them, and it makes your sales process go slower and cost more.

One word of warning; make sure you don’t go too deep. You have what I like to call the curse of knowledge.

Remember you know your topic inside and out, what you consider basic may be just what a new person is looking for.

The balancing act comes from keeping it simple so that your new subscriber can actually see themselves using the tip you give them.

Remember, your goal isn’t just to get more people on your list, it’s to convert the people on your list to clients. Yes, the first step is getting people on your list. The next step is to move them as fast as they are ready to being a paying client.

Have a great day!


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