Creating Content: Where Do You Get Your Ideas From?

At my weekly Mastermind Meeting, one of the members asked the others where we get our ideas for creating content.

This was said with a tone of frustration and asked of us because we have been consistently producing content for years.

(For the record, this is week 280 for me on this blog along with being a guest on several podcasts.)

After all, if you want to stay in front of your customers and build credibility with them, you have to be creating something of value.

This can be blog posts, podcasts, videos or . . . The important thing is that you’re publishing something and getting the information to them.

First, we all agreed that we tend to write about what is on the top of our mind. That’s usually something we are excited about right now or something that happened recently in our lives or our businesses.

The key is paying attention to what’s happening around you and creating content around it.

The spark for your next great post that can bring in your ideal client can come from anywhere.

  • A question a client asks you
  • A question a friend or family member asks you
  • An observation of a situation
  • An ad from another business
  • A TV show or a movie
  • And . . .

You get the idea.

During that meeting alone, we pointed out two content ideas from questions the member had brought up earlier in the meeting. Both will be solid articles and valuable to the readers.

But what about those weeks when you must create something, and you’ve been too focused on a project to pay attention while you were out and about?

In the past 280 weeks, there have been times like that for me. And I imagine there will be again.

To make sure I always have something to write about I keep a list of topics that have grabbed my attention that I think my audience will like.

I keep these in an Evernote note so I can add to them from my phone at any time.

If I don’t capture the ideas right away, I’ve been known to forget them.

On a week when I’m looking for something to write about, I look at my Evernote list the night before I’m going to write and select the topic and let my subconscious work on it overnight.

When I prepare my mind ahead of time, the article flows better when I sit down to write.

In the end, it all comes down to looking at everything that happens to you as a possible blog post or video.

One more thing to keep in mind… It is easier to help someone else with content ideas than it is to come up with them yourself.

I helped my friend with two ideas off the top of my head in a few minutes. Without my list, I’ve struggled to come up with one idea for myself. I wrote about this. Click Here to check out the article.

Happy Creating,


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