Creating Content: Who Cares What You Have to Say?

In the last article, I talked about finding content to talk about in blog posts or videos. Click Here if you missed that article.

One of the most common questions I get asked is: What do I talk about on Facebook and social media and who cares about what I write?

After all, if you’re going to have an active Facebook page you’re looking at posting at least once a day and maybe two or three times a day.

After a few weeks of this, anyone could start running out of ideas.

First, I want to point out the reason for posting on Facebook and Social Media.

Yes, it’s great to share knowledge with others, but let’s face it most people don’t follow a business page or a person because of the knowledge.

Knowledge is easily available in many places.

They follow a person or page because of the relationship they have with it.

This happens when you share experiences as friends do.

Think about it, do you like following and hanging out with a teacher or with your friends?

Yes, a teacher may help you grow and learn, but in your free time do you want to be working? You want to hang out with people who get you and who you have fun with, right?

This means that when you’re posting on Facebook you want to post like you’re talking to a friend.

Yes, you share information. But you also share stories, and what’s happening in your life, new friends and how you met, and news you heard.

Many people, including me, have made this mistake. We feel that the only reason people are interested in what they do is because of the information they can learn.

But that’s not true.

So how do you change this?

You post like you’re talking to a friend.

When you’re talking to a friend some conversations are short. Sometimes you listen much more than you talk. And other times you have a long story to tell.

And you use different mediums to connect. Sometimes you call them. Other times you send them an email. And occasionally you sit down together for a lengthy meal and a couple of drinks after.

What does that look like on Facebook?

You use different post options:

  • Status posts
  • Pictures
  • Videos
  • Stories

What do you talk about in these posts?

Having your topics planned out ahead of time will help you get this done faster.

I know it’s fun posting and interacting on Facebook, but remember that you’re actually working. Stay focused! You can spend extra time later when you’re done with work.

Here are some topics that we’ve found audiences like and respond to:

  • What’s happening in your market
  • What’s happening in your life
  • News about your business
  • Market Conditions
  • Staff Updates
  • Member/customer updates
  • product updates
  • Stories
  • etc . . .

This gives you some content ideas for your Facebook page.

What can you talk about on your Facebook page that your audience will find engaging?

Go forth and start creating posts that strengthen your relationship with your audience.


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