A Dentist Goes BIG With Social Media

A Dentist Goes BIG With Social Media

Imagine waking up each morning knowing you had a 24/7 system that accesses the largest population of YOUR perfect customers working for you while you slept…

What would that do for your business?

What would that do for your life? And the life of your family?

Let me tell you about one of my clients, Matthew Wirig of Wirig Orthodontics. Like you, Matthew was skeptical at first. But, his desire for growing his business was greater than his fear… He chose to take action and asked me for help.

Matthew had:

  • A successful business built with traditional media
  • A business Facebook page with over 1200 likes
  • No sales coming from Facebook or any other online efforts
  • And a huge desire to grow a profitable online business page in less than 60 days.
  • And he wanted a member of his staff to have the knowledge to be able to do this again on their own.

Matthew is an orthodontist in Henderson NV and there are many other orthodontists in the same area that are competing for the same customers.

The Objective: Raise awareness of their practice as THE place to get your children’s teeth straightened.

After discussing various options, we set up a variety of offers and ads for their prospects.

Since their audience size is limited because they have a specific geographic area to work in, (after all who is going to travel 100s of miles to go to an orthodontist), we planned to rotate different ads and offers to the audience every few weeks so they would always see us, but we would look different when they saw us.

Promotional ideas we used

  • Dentist gives away his Mercedes-Benz in a drawing. You get an entry for every patient you refer to the practice.
  • Offer for Dentist’s book on what you need to know before you get braces for your child’s teeth.
  • Offer for Free Consult
  • Promote their cool new office which has video games and free ice cream. We had a video tour in the ad.

We then worked together to design the first campaign. We went through each of the steps on our checklist (11 Tips For Creating The Ultimate Facebook Marketing Machine) and launched our first campaign.

We got limited results the first week, but we did get data about what worked and what didn’t, so we made adjustments and got better results.

The next week Marshall, the dentist’s marketing person I was working with, was excited when we talked. The day before they had gotten their first confirmed patient from Facebook, valued at over $6,000. 

This encouraged Marshall to work even harder on his campaigns.

A few weeks later another confirmed case from Facebook.

In less than 60 days we had the various campaigns up and running.

Matthew, the dentist, now has a marketing person who knows how to use Facebook to get a steady flow of new business as well as how to stay in contact with his existing patients.

He’s been able to replicate these results on his own since then and he’s thrilled with the results. In fact, the dentist told me when we talked later that he felt I undercharged him for the services.

It’s always great to hear that from a client.
If you want to learn what it takes to develop the type of system Matthew has, let’s chat. In our free 30-minute call together I will evaluate where you are now with Facebook marketing and outline what you need to put into place to get better results. No pressure. No obligation. Just great info. Click Here to schedule YOUR call.

Brian Hahn