Dig Deeper: Your ads might be doing better than you think!

You plan and work, and work and plan, and still…Not the results that you expect. 

Your ad is failing or maybe doing it’s OK, but it’s not what you expected. 

Or, maybe your first look at your ad’s data is not revealing the whole story. 

Let me tell you what we learned when one of my account managers and I analyzed one of our clients Facebook ads a few days ago. 

The ad is promoting a course that sells for higher than many products on Facebook, it sells for $1,644. 

We’ve been selling the course using Facebook ads for a couple years now, and have done well with it. 

The ad we were looking at was producing a 4 to 1 ROI, so not too bad. 

Then we started looking at the results in more detail. 

This client promotes and sells many different products and services using Facebook. 

One of the little-known facets of Facebook is that you can track almost everything you do on Facebook as it relates to your ads, and the great thing is that Facebook sets this all up for you automatically. 

As long as you’ve set tracking up for your products, Facebook will track which ad has led to the sale of your product or service. 

Now, you do have to adjust the reports you’re using to be able to see this. 

When we were looking at our client’s different ads we included this one ad in the results just because. Not sure why we hadn’t looked at this ad in this way before, but we hadn’t. 

What we found amazed us. 

We saw that along with selling the product that we were promoting, it was also a major contributor in selling four other products. 

All of these products were less expensive items, but when you add the total value of them together you get a sizeable number. 

We went from $1,644 in sales to over $9,000 in sales over the same time period. 

We found that the unexciting 4 to 1 ROI ad we had running was driving significantly more sales than it initially looked like. 

These kinds of results make us and the client happy. 

A 4 to 1 ROI ad is OK, but a 22 to 1 return on ad spend is more to my liking. 

The only adjustment we made to the ad after discovering the increased ROI was to spend more money on it, so that more people would see it. As long as the same returns hold, we’ll continue to increase the ad spend to expand our reach.

Once the return starts to drop, we’ll lower the budget and let it run. After all, even a 10 to 1 return on spend still works out well. 

The lesson we learned was that we need to start routinely looking deeper into individual ads’ performance before we jump to conclusions about its effectiveness. 

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