Discover How To Fill Your Online Event

If you’ve ever thought about creating an online event, or if you’ve tried them, and only a few people showed up this may be the most important article you read all year.

Recently one of our clients, Dr. Kyrin Dunston wanted to promote a webinar. There are other names for webinars such as online classes, online workshops, masterclasses, or online presentations. You want to pick a name for the event that your audience will recognize.

We helped her plan and implement the webinar and it and it was an amazing success.

What did we do?

First, planning and executing a successful webinar has many steps. We worked with Dr. Dunston to get everything set up.

It all starts with picking a great topic and having a great name for the presentation, after all, if no one is interested in what you’re talking about, you have a problem before you even get started.

The title of her event was: “Chakra Detox & Balance to Fix Your Energy in 3 Simple Steps, The Proven Strategy to Go from Fatigued to Fabulous”.

Next step is finding an audience of interested people.

Dr. Kyrin had a start on this. She had a Facebook page with several thousand likes, an email list of a few thousand people, and she communicated with them on a consistent basis.

We did target these people, but over the time we promoted the event we had the most success with a Facebook Lookalike Audience based on her email list. This audience started out slow and rapidly became the best performing audience when it came to getting people signed up for the webinar.

Our final cost from this Lookalike audience was $1.38 per sign up. A very respectable number, considering that none of these people had heard of her before this event.

This also added over 130 new people on her email list so she can build her relationship with them via email in the future.

Next, Dr. Dunston created a great registration page. Over half of the people that came to the page registered. That is an outstanding number. (We do offer this service, but Dr. Dunston chose to do it herself)

Here is what the page looked like:


Our next task was to create ads based on which audience was going to see them, her email list, her Facebook fans, or the people who didn’t know her at all.

We used different ads depending on the audience that we were talking to.

For people who were familiar with her, we used an ad that was shorter and just told them about the upcoming class.

For people who didn’t know her and needed to be introduced, we told them more about Dr. Dunston.

And for the people that went to the sign-up page and didn’t register we used an ad reminding them about the class.

All of these ads helped us get the results we did.

The next step is setting up your Facebook ads with the correct objective.

We used the conversion option and that told Facebook we wanted people who would sign up for the event. As Facebook got more data about who typically registered, with every registration our cost per registrant kept dropping.

And the final step to having a successful event is the Webinar or class itself.

Dr. Dunston did a great job teaching on the event, and this created a strong bond with the people attending, and a willingness for them to stay connected with her.

If you can build a connection with your audience, this sets the stage for you to be successful with this group of people in the future.

They will interact with you and when you offer something for them to purchase they are more likely to buy from you.

Webinars used properly are one of the most powerful tools you can use to build an audience and to sell products to them.

However . . .

As you can see there are many steps to setting up a successful webinar.

If you’d like to find out how Go Social Experts can help you plan and implement a successful webinar schedule a complimentary call with Brian by clicking here. You’ll leave the call with a plan for filling your webinar, and if you want help setting it up and you and Brian want to work together you’ll know what that involves.

Planning and filling a great webinar involves more than just finding the right software to use and running a couple ads and seeing people sign up. To be successful you need a plan. Click Here to schedule a call with Brian and get your plan.

Brian Hahn