Discover How I Know If You’re A Serious Facebook Marketer


It’s every marketer’s worst nightmare. They have their marketing system set up and a key component isn’t working. Which wouldn’t be as big of a deal, but they don’t find out about it until after they’ve spent most, if not all, their budget.

What is this horrific scenario I’m talking about?

Well when you’re running ads on Facebook and spending your money, many times your goal, or at least your secondary goal, is to create a retargeting audience. You can read about this in an earlier article by clicking here.

However, how do you know you have the code set up properly on your page to let you accomplish this?

You can look through the code line by line spending valuable time that could be used on other projects, or you could spend your money to have your web specialist do the searching for you and both of you may miss a mistake in the code.

or . . .

You can use a free tool that will check the code in less than a second and tell you if everything is working properly.

I’ve used the tool in the past to tell web designers that they had an error. When they went and double checked they found that sure enough they did.  And I was able to check when they fixed it that everything was working properly.

What is this magical tool? It’s the Facebook Pixel Helper.

With it, you can see if your Facebook Pixel is added properly to the pages you want to use and really if it’s present on any page on the internet.

And not only will it tell you if there is a tag on the page, it will tell you which one.

Yes, I’ve had clients who had an old account, and they didn’t change the pixel to the correct one after they changed ad accounts.  So, there was a code on the page, just the wrong one.

It happens, unfortunately.

The one caveat to all of this is that the Pixel Helper only works in the Chrome browser. You’ll find that Facebook also works best in the chrome browser.

To get the Facebook Pixel Helper:

  1. You search google for Facebook Pixel Helper in the chrome store.
  2. The page will come up, click on the link in the search
  3. Click on the button in the upper right that says add to chrome
  4. You are done.

Now when you visit any web page the Pixel Helper will turn blue with a number in it when there is a pixel on the page.

If it doesn’t turn blue there is no code, it’s that easy.

If you want to see what pixels on are on the page, you can click on the icon itself and a drop down will show what pixels are on the page.

There can be more than one. They may be the base pixel which must be on all pages and the other pixels may be conversion pixels or there may be a pixel from more than one account on the page.

As you can see the pixel helper will save you time as you work with your Facebook marketing.

You can market with confidence knowing that you not only have a pixel on your page, but you have the right pixel on the page.

If you would like help getting your pixel on your page, I created a video that shows you what you need to do. Click here to watch.

If you run into challenges and need more help setting up your system you may want to consider my online training course Smart Facebook Marketing.

In the course, I show you how to create your entire Facebook Marketing system. Including how to set up your Facebook pixel and how to profit from it.

We not only cover how to create your Facebook marketing system, but we teach you why you’re taking the actions.

There are many different strategies to use with Facebook marketing depending on what you want to achieve, and in the course, we teach you what they are as well as when to use each strategy.

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Now get out there and start making some facebook pixel magic happen!

Have a great week!