Do You Care What “They” Say?

I was having a conversation with my youngest daughter Danie who is a first-year manager at a store in Bar Harbor, Maine.

She was expressing some of the frustrations of a first-time manager to me and asking for advice.

Since I work with new managers regularly, I’m familiar with the challenges they face and how to help them work through their issues.

Then Danie mentioned something that I had not considered before.

She said that it’s interesting, but people who are more skilled than you and who have done the job you’re doing are rarely critical, but people who have never done your job are full of advice and quick to criticize.

I’ve taken some time and thought about this in my life. Looking back, I see this too.

My most vocal critics are people who’ve never been in my shoes.

If this is true, who are you listening to? People who support you and help you get better, or the ones telling you that you’re doing everything wrong, but who’ve never done the job you’re doing?

Now don’t get me wrong, there may be some truth in what they’re saying, but most likely they don’t understand the entire picture.

Are you letting the naysayers control what you do and the results you get or are you listening to people who can help you?

More importantly, I hope you have people who support and encourage you in your life and who can mentor you.

Spend time with the people who have done the job you’re doing successfully and learn from them.

They may have a different point of view than you, and that is great. After all, they’ve been successful doing what you’re doing now. They know things you’re only discovering.

Learning from others who have been in your shoes reduces the number of mistakes you make and speeds up your success.

Spend some time and find a mentor who can help you. Talk to them, listen and learn and see your path become easier and your success faster.

Have a great day!


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