Do you have a Plan B?

What is a Plan B and why do we need a Plan B?

Recently I was supposed to go to Sarasota FL.

I was looking forward to going. I was attending a quarterly mastermind meeting. It is a group of smart, successful business owners who get together four times a year to work on each other’s businesses.

We also have fun, eat good food, and enjoy conversation and camaraderie throughout the whole time.

Well this trip, the plans changed. It was predicted that a hurricane was going to hit the Sarasota area the day we were supposed to be flying in. While I’ve never been in a hurricane, I’m not looking to fly into one to find out what they’re like.

We all had the time blocked off on our calendars, and we didn’t have any other times available.

Plan B for this was an online Zoom meeting lasting for about 7 hours.

Now, I wasn’t sure how it would go. That’s a long time.

But it went great! With Zoom we got to see each other and interact. While it wasn’t the same as being in person, it was better than most of us expected.

So much so that we may replace one live meeting a year with an online meeting.

What does this have to do with marketing?

Many times, when we’re getting started with a new client or campaign for an existing client, our first ads don’t perform as we expect.

A worst-case example is a coaching client. We put together what we thought was a winning offer, set everything up and when we ran the ad we had a .07% click-through rate and 0 results. Normally 1% or above is what we’re looking for.

In other words, not good. Back to the drawing board. However, we did get this information in a week and for less than $70 on Facebook ad spend, so there was a silver lining.

Test two resulted in .47% click-through rate. Only half of what we were looking for, but almost 8 times better than the first test.

Test three is still in progress, but it’s looking much better.

Each time we made changes; we saw improvements in the results.

We didn’t plan on this happening when we started. We thought we had a winning offer and message.

We were wrong.

This happens in marketing. We’re estimating how people are going to respond and until you implement something you don’t know how it’s going to work.

Fortunately, we have less than $200 in Facebook ad spend invested to find this out and only 14 days.

That’s an advantage of Facebook marketing, we get fast and inexpensive feedback from actual prospects.

And we have plan C and D ready if we need to use them too.

Having a mindset of testing and adjusting is the key to success with marketing.

You put together what you think will work and test it, then adjust from there.

When you go into any campaign with this mindset, you’re going to find that success comes faster to you, and you will have more fun.

If your first campaign works – GREAT! If not, that’s OK. It was just a test and you found out one way it didn’t work.

And who knows many times Plan B gets better results than you were expecting from Plan A and it’s easier and cheaper to implement.

Keep testing and adjusting in all areas of your business and you’ll see ongoing growth.

Have a great day!

Brian “High and Dry in Wisconsin” Hahn

P.S. If you’ve tried Facebook and online marketing in the past and didn’t get the results you expected and you’re looking for a plan B option. Schedule a time to talk at There is no charge for the call. We’ll talk about your business and I’ll give you two or three ideas that can help you. If at the end you want help implementing them and we decide it makes sense we can work together to help you reach your goals with Facebook and Online marketing.