Do You Know Who Your Buyers Are?

We’ve been talking about the importance of your CRM over the past few articles and I want to go into another reason to use a good CRM.

Remember your CRM is your Customer Relationship Management software and a good one is also your cash register system.

The best CRM systems keep track of all the activities that a customer engages in and keeps a record of what they purchase.

This way you have a system to keep track of who is an active customer, who is a past customer, and who is a prospect.

In a business where people come into your store, do you have your customers’ contact information? Can you reach out to them if they stop coming in for some reason?

What’s the big deal about that?

Well, the people most likely to buy from you are people who have bought from you in the past.

Do you have a way to get that list of people easily?

Can you push a few buttons and the list appears?

Or do you have to sort through various programs and spreadsheets to find these people, investing hours of your time and then missing a portion of the list?

When you can easily access the list of current and past buyers, you can set up campaigns to stay connected and bring them back to buy again.

After all, once a buyer, always a buyer.

Once someone has given you money, they are more likely to do so again even if it was weeks, months, or maybe even years ago.

They needed your product or service and they proved they were willing to buy from you by actually giving you money. People can say they are interested in you and your service, but until they buy – it’s just talk.

Having this list means that you can nurture them, remind them of you and encourage them to buy again.

And by the way, a list of repeat buyers is even more valuable than just single buyers.

So you can see that keeping all of your customers, past and present, and prospects in an easy-to-access system can bring you more sales.

Now the question is, do you have this system? And if you have the software are you using it?

If you’d like help evaluating your system reach out to me at There are a few questions for you to answer which will help me prepare for our call and then we’ll get a time set up.


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