Dr. Fills Local Workshops Regularly, And You Can Too!

In the next few minutes I’m going to share with you a 1-2-3 step system for filling a live workshop with people who are excited to be there.

As you know, when you get people to come together live, you have the best chance of helping them and influencing them to take action.

The challenge is getting people to commit to coming to a live workshop.

After all, they must work the event into their schedule, rearrange their other errands, and if they have families this is even harder.

Let me tell you about one of the people we help fill local workshops for regularly.

Dr. Woods in an MD and a functional medicine provider.

She knows that the more people she reaches, the more people she can help live healthier fuller lives.

She offers monthly workshops on specific topics that her community is interested in.

These workshops enable her to find the people who need her help and who might become patients in the future.

We regularly get between 60 and 80 registrants for each event.

How do we get those numbers?

We are using Facebook advertising. Along with filling her workshops, we’re helping her create an email list and a Facebook audience. Every event she has, she is growing her audience, making each follow-up event less expensive to target and promote.

The first thing we need is a hot title. One that will attract people interested in the topic, and it needs to be Facebook friendly too. In the medical field, this is particularly important.

Next comes the copy. What do we say to entice interested people to consider attending this event?

Along with the copy, we need to have a picture that grabs our audience’s attention or a video that tells them what the event is about and what benefits they’re going to get from attending.

Videos have been working well to get people signed up for our events.

Who do we target?

We want to show our ads to people who are most likely to accept our invitation. With Facebook’s many targeting options we have many choices. When targeting for events for example, we use location targeting to only target people a specific distance from the event location.

We follow the targeting with a well-executed Facebook ad campaign. This includes everything from setting up the proper tracking, choosing the best objective for the campaign, and setting up the retargeting ads for people who expressed interest but haven’t signed up yet.

The final step is setting up a registration page that will convince people who click on the ad to sign up. We’ve been using Eventbrite for this purpose and it has been working well.

Done properly these steps bring down the cost of each registrant, and if you skip any part of this you will end up paying more money for fewer registrants.

With all of this in place, Dr. Woods has been able to consistently fill two to three workshops a month with interested people.

For those of you wondering how much it costs her to do this. The average cost per registrant is $10 to $20 each, depending on the topic she chooses and the day of the week the event is held on; and yes the day of the week does make a difference.

Live workshops have now become a key part of her practice.

She gets to help many people with the information she shares and some of the people she helps move on to become patients on a regular basis.

This strategy can be used in many different industries.

The medical, chiropractic, dental, and financial planning industries have used live seminars for years to attract people with great information and then offer them other services to help the attendees get the results that they want.

How can you use this strategy for your business?

How can you get a group of interested people in a room together and help them, thereby increasing your stature and putting yourself in their minds as the expert who can help them succeed?

If you want to learn what it takes to develop the type of system Dr. Woods has, let’s chat. In our free 30-minute call together I will evaluate where you are now with Facebook marketing and outline what you need to put into place to get better results. No pressure. No obligation. Just great info. Click Here to schedule YOUR call.

Brian Hahn