What if Everything You Thought You Knew about Facebook was Wrong?

Blog Post 12.04.17

There is a lot of misinformation when you ask people about using Facebook ads for their businesses.

I routinely get asked questions from smart business people about Facebook. Some of the questions are based on misinformation and others that seem silly are not.

I created a list of frequently asked questions/statements below and my short answers to these questions.

Q: Do people really make money using Facebook?

A: Yes, it can be very profitable. I have case studies showing ad campaigns that make 4, 5, 10 or more times the amount of money originally invested in the ads (and many times the investment is in the $1,000’s). However, these aren’t the first campaigns we’ve run for the client. It does take trial and error to get these results.


Q: Will I need to hire extra staff to handle all the extra business?

A: For most of you, the answer is No; you probably won’t need to hire extra staff the day after you started running Facebook ads. It takes some time to get the ads dialed in and working. Over time you may have to hire extra staff, but you should be able to ramp it up gradually. There are some overnight successes, but they are the exception, not the rule.


S: The only people using Facebook are those who want everyone to know what they’re doing every moment.

A: While there may be some people like that on Facebook, there is several more out there lurking. I talk to many people who use Facebook and they rarely post anything. They are watching others and staying connected behind the scenes.


S: The only items people view on Facebook are funny videos or useless information.

A: There are lots of funny videos on Facebook. There are also many other sources of information you can access. There are Facebook pages and Facebook groups dedicated to helping you learn how to grow your business, how to be successful, how to stay fit, how to improve your relationship, and any one of 1,000’s of topics. With over two billion people using Facebook there are groups and pages on every subject imaginable.


S: You can’t reach anyone without paying to reach them from a business page.

A: This is not true. While it is true that you can reach more people when you pay to reach them, it is also possible using the right strategies to reach 10’s of thousands of people using organic Facebook strategies. While organic strategies don’t cost any money, it does take more time. I find that adding a little money to my Facebook efforts tends to bring in faster results.


S: It takes time, and lots of it to make Facebook work.

A: Using organic Facebook effectively, it can take several hours a week. If you follow a proven system and use paid Facebook advertising, you’ll find that the time you need to spend is reduced significantly. Our Grocer’s Facebook Formula is an example of a simple system that gets quick results.


S: No one wants to know about my business, after all, we just . . .

A: This is one of the issues that I’ve heard since I started Facebook marketing and . . . It’s not true. We all have knowledge about our industry that we take for granted, that our customers would find interesting. Or better yet, there are people who are not our customers yet that will find what you know interesting.


S: It’s too complicated to use Facebook for marketing.

A: It can be. I’ve spent over 40 hours a week for the last five years working on Facebook, learning how it works, what I can do with it, and bringing that information to others. That is over 10,000 hours of practice. I can talk about things like Facebook pixels, custom audiences, engagement, dynamic product ads and more. All of it interesting to Facebook nerds but you don’t need to know all of that to get started, and some of that information you may never need to know.


Q: I’m only a small business in a small town, how can I compete with all the regional and national companies using Facebook?

A: You are in a powerful position. Facebook knows that local brick and mortar businesses with their physical presence are known in their community already and wants to help you reach people in your area on Facebook. You have an existing reputation and you bring it with you online in all your interactions. Even if you’ve never done anything online this will help you succeed. We’ve found that when we run ads from local businesses on Facebook we can outperform regional and nationwide ads easily.


Q: I haven’t started using Facebook yet and there are so many others using it. How will I catch up?

A: The fastest way to catch up is to find someone who has a proven system, learn that system, and implement it just like it’s taught.


Q: So, all I need to do to make my business successful is run Facebook ads?

A: Maybe! Facebook ads can be a powerful tool to add to your business. They can help you reach people who never thought of looking for you. However, if your business has other challenges Facebook may make your situation worse.


Q: Why not just use Google Ads? After all, these people are searching for my products and are hot buyers?

A: Google ads are great if people are searching for you. However, if you sell a product or service that others aren’t familiar with, they aren’t searching for your solution. There are also a limited number of people searching for any particular solution. Your business will be limited to the number of people searching in your trade area. Facebook, on the other hand, gives you a tool you can use to put your ad in front of people who are most likely to be interested in your products and services, even if they aren’t actively searching for it.


S: I tried advertising on Facebook and got nothing for it. The only one making any money from Facebook is Facebook.

A: That can happen, and it still happens to us from time to time when we’re getting started. However, if you keep adjusting what you’re doing you will see results. The key is to stop the ads and campaigns that are not working and scale up the ads and campaigns that are working. I covered this in more detail in an earlier article, click here to read it.


S: Facebook Advertising costs lots of money!

A: It can, but you have control of how much you spend. You can start testing Facebook ads for $5 a day and see if it works. After seven days you will have enough data to know if it’s working. Once you have an ad that is working you can start increasing the budget, and by “working”, I mean getting you the results you want at the price you want to pay. After all, if you’re spending $10 and getting back $50 or more, why would you only want to spend $10?

As you can see there are lots of things to consider when deciding if you want to add Facebook marketing to your business.

We’ve found that when a business adds Facebook marketing to their existing marketing, their sales growth typically accelerates.

At Go Social Experts we’re here to help make the Facebook marketing process easier, faster, and more profitable for you.

There is a learning and implantation curve to Facebook marketing. While it’s easy to create and boost your first posts, the results you get won’t be what they could be if you had a system in place to maximize every advertisement.

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