How Facebook Can Help You Get Rid Of Your Money Problems Once and For All!

Does your business offer a monthly membership program?

If so, would you like more people to subscribe?

If you don’t currently offer a monthly membership program you might want to consider offering one.

It’s a great feeling knowing that every month you have a consistent income to start the month off with.

Let me share what happened with Simone and Duncan’s Cutting Horse Training Online. Their story will inspire you!

  • I met them at an event we were both attending. One morning at breakfast Duncan and I were chatting and he brought up Facebook. He knew what I did and he wanted my opinion.
  • He and Simone had been using Facebook for marketing their business and had built up a nice Facebook fan page, but they weren’t getting many sales from their efforts.
  • They were frustrated and they knew there was a better way, but they hadn’t been able to find it.
  • They had a successful online business, but it wasn’t growing as fast as they knew it could.

We started working together and kicked their Facebook marketing into high gear.

While they had built a Facebook page with over 15,000 likes, they hadn’t yet converted them into customers.

They also hadn’t set up their website to track who came to the site, and weren’t building an audience of people that they could send advertisements to on Facebook.

We started with these tactics – targeting their Facebook fans and their website visitors with special offers.

As these audiences accepted the offers, their sales grew. In fact, they grew faster than expected. They were very pleased!

But their story doesn’t end there.

They opted to follow my advice and spend money on very specific Facebook ads that I created.

They were selling monthly memberships for $39/month.

Here’s what their campaign looked like:

  • They spent $1,000 on Facebook ads.
  • They sold $1,200 worth of monthly memberships in 30 days ($200 profit in the first month).
  • All of the people who signed up stayed for over a year. So, at the end of the year that $1,000 of Facebook ad spend resulted in $14,400 in sales and counting.

Simone and Duncan are now in control of how fast their company continues to grow. They can tune their growth up or down depending on how many new members they can handle while continuing to serve their existing members.

I won’t kid you, creating a sales funnel that generates success at this level does take an investment, both in your time and your money. You don’t get this level of success from browsing a few articles and casually running a few ad campaigns.

It takes a proven system to make this kind of success happen.

Each part of the system builds upon the success of the previous piece, and as you implement each one, your success accelerates.

When they started this process they didn’t have any guarantee of success. They just knew that there was a better way, and that they were going to do whatever it took to find out what it was. Simone and Duncan were willing to invest in a system like this and now it’s paying off for them.

Are you ready to invest 30 minutes to learn what opportunities your business is missing out on? You have nothing to lose and so much to gain!

If you want to learn what it takes to develop the type of system Simone and Duncan have, let’s chat. In our free 30-minute call together I will evaluate where you are now with Facebook marketing, and outline what you need to put into place to get better results. No pressure. No obligation. Just great info. Click here to schedule YOUR call.

Brian Hahn