Four Audiences to Use When Getting Started With Facebook Advertising

If you’re interested in growing your business as fast and inexpensively as you can, you need to know this information. 

In an earlier article, I taught a strategy you could implement in 10 minutes and reach your ideal prospective customers and clients. If you missed it click here to read it. 

One of the key points in the earlier article is choosing your target audience and there are tips in the article on how to get started.  

Now, I would like to go a bit deeper into the four audiences everyone should have and be working on developing. These audiences are easy to set up and we’ve found these audiences to be receptive to the ads we show them. 

One of the key components of successful Facebook marketing is that you’re always building your audiences. Each ad and post you create expands the number of people you can reach out to in the future. In some cases, it is one or two new people and in others, it may be 100s of new people. 

Continually building your audiences, and maintaining a relationship with them is one of the ways that you can keep your business on a steady growth track. 

Audience 1: Your Facebook Fans 

When people Like your page they are making a micro commitment to you and your brand. They are expressing an interest in your products and services. 

As long as you’ve grown your audience using targeted means and you know that your Likes are good prospects for your offer, you will have a good solid audience to work with. 

These people are expecting your posts to show up in their feed and many times, they will take you up on your offers at a higher rate than other audiences. 

For a great tool that will help you grow your Facebook fans download our free Checklist 22 Ways To Grow Your Facebook Fans. 

Audience 2: Friends of Your Facebook Fans 

Every Like you get is an endorsement of you to all their friends. 

When you see an ad in your Facebook News Feed that shows one or more of your friends Likes a certain page, that is an example of an ad targeted at friends of fans. 

If I see that one or more of my friends Likes something, that will usually be all it takes to get me interested in taking a closer look. 

This works for two reasons: 

  1. We trust our friends and if they like something we might too. 
  2. Many times, our friends have similar interests to us.  

When you consider that the average person on Facebook has 338 friends, this means that the Friends of Fans audience is around 338 times larger than the size of your Facebook fans. 

Wow, talk about growth! So even if you only had 100 fans, this would make the Friends of Fans audience potentially 33,800 people. What’s even better, every time you get a new Like, all of that person’s friends are automatically added to the audience, which means that the audience continues to stay updated. 

This is another good reason to grow your Facebook fans. 

Again, the Friends of Fans audience generally performs well for us when we’re working on a client’s page. 

Audience 3: Interest lists 

If you have no fans to work with yet and you’re working in a larger geographic area, interest lists are where you want to start. 

You don’t have a relationship with these people yet, but they are likely to be interested in what you have to offer.  

When you’re creating an ad, one of the choices you get is interests. Facebook has 1,000s of categories available for targeting. Your best bet is to start by taking some time to explore all of the different interests.  

Start typing the interest you are searching for into Facebook and it will bring up interests as you type. If it doesn’t find what you are searching for, they will also offer suggestions.  

Try selecting some of these suggestions, and see how many people are in them. 

As you select interests, Facebook will suggest more.  

If you get too big of an audience, you can also start excluding people based on interests as well. 

An interest audience is fine to get started with, but you’ll soon want to move on to other audiences as soon as you can. Working with people in an interest audience is working with cold audiences, and they typically take longer to respond and often cost more to acquire a customer. 

Audience 4People who engaged on your Facebook page 

This is another audience based on your Facebook page. It’s another reason you should strive to have a large audience that also interacts with you on Facebook. 

If someone does anything on your page: Likes a post, comments, shares a post, clicks on a call to action button, or does any action, you can capture them and put them in an audience.  

And you can do it for anyone who did anything on your Facebook page in the past year. This means that even if they didn’t Like your page while they were there, you can still reach them again. 

Anyone that ends up on your page is a likely candidate to become a customer because they have some interest in your product or service. 

This audience option is relatively new on Facebook and we’ve only used it a few times, but when we have, the response has been good. 

There are other audience options, and in another article, we’ll go into using them. 

With these four audiences at your disposal, you’ll have the audiences necessary to start getting positive results with your Facebook ads. 

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