From Facebook Ad To Building Your Perfect Car

I got a text from my wife the other day that she had built her perfect car and  she was talking to a salesman the next day. Since we’re shopping for a new car, that wasn’t a surprise.

I asked her what she built; it was a brand and model we had never considered.

This was a surprise, so I asked her how this had come to her attention since we weren’t shopping for this vehicle.

Turns out she was in an app she uses regularly.

Here’s what happened. While using her app, she saw an ad, clicked on it, liked what she saw and then built the car she would be interested in!

For those of you who don’t know, a business can put an ad in an app through the Facebook ads manager.

This is audience network placement.

You can take people from these ads to a website or call or . . .

The next step in this process was scheduling a call with a salesman.

The salesperson did call her the next day and also sent a follow up email inviting her to come to the dealership and test drive a vehicle of the brand she built.

This is the most important part of the process, since this is a large purchase and not one that most people buy on impulse. Your follow-up system is what will make your Facebook ads work.

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Update. We haven’t gotten to the dealer to test drive the car yet, but it’s in our plans.

Final Thought: If you can get a good lead to sell a car with a Facebook ad, what can you do with your business and Facebook ads?

Have a great day!


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