Get Started Marketing With Facebook Now Part 2!

If you want to reach more of your ideal customers and prospects inexpensively and avoid months of trial and experimentation then this will be the most important article you’ve read all year.

In a previous article, I wrote about what it takes to get started marketing on Facebook using organic strategies, click here to read it if you missed it.

In this article, I’m going to give you a strategy you can implement in 10 minutes that will help you reach more people faster.

It is a paid strategy for Facebook marketing.

If you’ve ever considered using Facebook ads, you may have decided that it’s too complicated or would take you too long to learn.

Or, you may have tried some Facebook ads, and the only one who profited was Facebook.

In this article, I’m going to give you the fastest and easiest way that I know of, to get you started and get positive results.

Facebook offers many tools for finding and targeting your ideal prospects. They are built into Facebook and are free to use. These tools let you reach people who may not have heard of you and will help you to expand your audience.

You can also use Facebook to test your message. After spending $30, you should be able to see if your message is working and then make adjustments as needed.

The only way you can run ads on Facebook is with a business page. I’m starting with the assumption that you already have a business Facebook page.

Create a Link Click Post:

A Link Click post is a type of Facebook post where when someone clicks on the picture, it will take them directly to a web page, not just open the picture in another window.

The way you create this type of post is by pasting the link into the post first. If you put any other information into the post before the link it won’t work. After pasting the link, you can then upload an image and enter your text.

The link that you’re putting into the post should be a link to a squeeze page, where the page is designed to get people to do what you want them to do. It should not be a link to the home page of your website. Linking directly to a squeeze page will get you better results.

What it takes to make a post that people will click on:

  • A picture that attracts attention.
    • The picture’s job is to get people to stop scrolling through their news feed.
  • The name of your page.
    • Does your page name reflect your business and what you do?
  • A compelling headline.
    • This encourages people to click on the link to find out more.
    • Will someone do what you’re asking them to do because your headline is that interesting?
    • The headline of your Facebook ad will appear under the picture.
  • An intriguing opening to your body text.
    • The first line of text above the picture will draw people further into your post.
    • If you’re not sure what to put here, start with a question. Our minds are conditioned to want to answer questions.
  • More information about what a person will get by clicking on your post.
    • The more information you give to people in your post the fewer people will click, but the people who do click are more likely to do what you’re asking them to do. To get the best results, try using different post lengths.
  • A call to action in the text for your post.
    • Do you want someone to click your ad, read your post, buy something, message you, call your store (I would rarely use as people don’t like to call), etc?
    • Make sure you include a call to action in every post. You don’t have to ask people to buy something every time, but you do want to get used to asking people to do something during every interaction.

Boost Your Post:

In the past, you may have heard not to boost a post, or you may have tried it and you didn’t get very good results from it.

Facebook has made changes to how the boost post option works. You now have access to the advanced targeting normally found in the ads manager, without having to log into your ads manager account every time you boost a post.

This is game-changing for someone who is just getting started with Facebook advertising.

Once you click on “Boost Post” you’re going to get several options.  Below are my recommendations for which options to select.

Boost Post Options:

  • Add a button to your post
    • Choose the button type that is closest to what you are asking people to do.
  • Choose the audience you want to talk to
    • Create an audience that you use consistently. To get the best results you need to talk to the same people multiple times.
    • If your audience is in one geographic area, the only choice you might make would be to target a location radius around your business.
      • Make sure the audience stays over 40,000 people if you have that many people in your area. More is OK.
      • Add demographic options (*If your audience size is over 40,000 people)
        • Age
        • Gender
        • Income
        • Interests (There are 1,000s to chose from in Facebook)
        • Save the audience so you can use the same one for your next ad.
          • After you save this audience once, you can just select it from the saved audience list instead of selecting all the individual targeting options every time.
      • Advanced Options
        • If you have a Facebook audience already and want to make this audience larger, target their friends. Every “Like” you have is an endorsement to all their friends. This audience responds well to ads.
  • Budget
    • This can be as low as $1 a day. I recommend using at least $5 a day if it’s in your budget. It takes a total ad spend of at least $30 to get enough data to see if your ad is working, and it will take 30 days at $1 a day.
  • Monitor your results
    • After you’ve spent $30 you will have enough data to see if your ad is working. You can click on the reporting below the post and Facebook will give you some data, or you can log into your ads manager and you’ll see more detailed results from the ad.
    • Another way you want to look at your results is: how many people actually did what you asked? Did they click on your ad and do what you asked? If you are collecting contact information, look at how many people filled out the form divided by your total ad spend. If you wanted sales, how many purchases can you track from Facebook?
    • You also need to look at how well your overall sales are. If your sales are growing more after you added Facebook, then Facebook is likely bringing more people in. Sometimes you can track your Facebook ad efforts and sometimes you can’t. However, if you sales are growing, then what you’re doing is working.

Facebook is a powerful marketing tool. Give it a try and see how effective Facebook can be for your business.

If you want to dig deeper into Facebook marketing and expand your efforts, we offer a range of options from an online training course, to a Done with you coaching program, to an entire Done for You Facebook Marketing plan.

Keep reading our blog for weekly ideas and tips on how you can improve your Facebook marketing results. We’ll bring you new information about what’s working now as Facebook and its users continue to change and evolve. Facebook marketing strategies and tactics change often, and I work to keep you updated on the most effective strategies.

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