Go VIP, You And Your Business Deserve It!

Recently a client flew me to Beverly Hills to meet with him and his team at a live VIP Marketing Intensive (and yes Beverly Hills is as nice as you picture).

We spend the day going over what to do to grow his business. He has ambitious goals and wanted a plan in place to make them happen.

After all, great things aren’t accomplished by continuing to do the same thing that you’ve done in the past.

The interesting point about this is how we met.

On the plane, on the way back I was thinking about how I connected with this client.

And it all started at a live event I was attending months earlier.

I was at the event to learn as it was a marketing conference put on by a company I respect and whose training in the past had helped my company and I grow.

One of my team and I were there, and we had VIP access.

At one of the brakes Brandon, my team member, was in one of the VIP lounges and he was involved in a conversation about Facebook marketing and what was working now.

Nothing unusual at a marketing event, and we enjoy these conversations. (So if you see one of my team or me at an event feel free to come up to me and talk). I enjoy hearing what’s working for you and geeking out about marketing.

What was unusual about this conversation is that one of the people listening in had questions and Brandon ended up talking much longer than he expected.

This conversation led to a meeting with me which led to a client for us and being introduced to a person with another company and then me making a trip to Beverly Hills.

Looking back and analyzing where our larger clients have come from, I see this pattern in others too.

Which leads me to the VIP option.

Depending on the event the VIP option may cost from a hundred dollars to maybe as much as $1000, rarely more than that.

Many times you get access to special lounges and special meals that the general audience doesn’t have access to, which gives you a chance to get to know people in a different setting.

The people willing and able to pay the extra money, many times are serious about what they are working on and willing to invest in others to help them.

So instead of hanging out with your friends or the masses hang out with the people willing to pay for the best experience.

Believe it or not, they have a different mindset than others, and many times this leads to different results

The VIP attendees don’t go to the event skimping and trying to save a few pennies to learn. Their business is successful and growing and what they learn at the events and in the VIP experience helps them grow faster.

Who knows where it will lead?

You might end up on a plane flying across the country to meet with one of your new clients.

Even if you don’t sell something that other attendees will buy, you get a chance to talk with other business people who are serious about growing their business, who have resources and who have shown it through their actions.

These conversations can lead to new ideas of what’s possible from people who are implementing the ideas now. There’s no better way to be inspired than to talk to someone who is growing and realize that they are just like you and if you are willing to try something different you can grow faster too.

If the VIP experience isn’t in your budget yet, still go to the events. Learn and create a plan of action and get started sooner rather than later and at the next event, you’ll be able to go VIP. Click here to see what I have to say about live events in an earlier article.

Brian “living the VIP life” Hahn

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