Your Good Name Does Make A Difference!

good name

If you’ve ever wondered why some businesses can jump on Facebook and grow a large engaged audience with what seems like little effort while you feel like you must struggle for every like – consider this:

  • How well known are you to the people you’re marketing to?
  • If you’re a local business have you been in business in the same town for weeks, months, or years?
  • Is your physical location in a place where people drive by it regularly?
  • What kind of marketing have you done in the past? Networking, Newspaper, Radio, TV?
  • How large is your customer base, both past, and present?
  • How happy is your base with the services you provided?

These activities will all create an awareness of a brand in the minds of an audience.

If your audience is in a regional or national area some of the same questions should resonate with you as well.

For the larger geographic areas, you still are part of a community. When I was in the grocery business, I had connections around the country and we met at trade shows. This is true in most industries.

But what does this have to do with growing a large presence on Facebook?

I often talk about the “temperature” of an audience when I’m talking with clients and we’re developing their marketing message to use.

COLD = Brand new audience, no one has heard of you.

WARM = They’ve heard of you. They may not be ready to buy or know a ton about you, but your name/brand is familiar.

HOT = They know you, they love you, and they’re ready to buy.

The more people that know you the faster and easier you can grow your audience on Facebook.

This means that a local business isn’t really starting with nothing on Facebook even if they don’t have any online presence at all.

Those people that have been driving by your business or have been customers or clients for years are willing to follow you on Facebook with little effort on your part.

The same is true of the regional or national business that has been in business for years in their market.

These types of businesses often see faster success with Facebook marketing.

Does this mean that if you’re new in business or new to a market that you can’t use Facebook?

No, it doesn’t!

It just means that it’s going to take more effort to get the same results.

Not only do you have to get your message dialed in you need to educate your audience about who you are and you must help them get to know like and trust you.

This can be done easier with the right strategy from the start.

Have a great day!


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