The Good Old Days?

Blog Post 02.13.18

I’m writing this on my laptop from the Café Court of our local mall in Eau Claire, WI.

My wife and daughter are roaming the mall looking for great deals, but when they get back we will be off to lunch.

As I sit here it brings back memories. I owned a restaurant (Steak Escape for those interested) here for several years back in the early 2000s. I spent many a Saturday (along with Sunday through Friday) in the mall sampling and bringing people to our counter.

It was an amazing experience selling to the masses.

The reason that I was the one doing the sampling was that I was one of the best at it. We found that although our staff liked the idea of being in front of the counter just talking to people instead of working, many of them became intimidated when the only object separating them from the hoards was a small sample tray.

The idea of reaching out to strangers without something to protect you was intimidating.

We had to work hard to help our staff move outside their comfort zone and work in front of the counter. Once we had them comfortable, we had to monitor their results, as in how many customers did you get to the counter for each sample you gave out?

It’s not as easy as you would think to sample and measure the results.

How about you?

Are you moving outside your comfort zone with your marketing or are you trapped behind the counter in your business?

It may look different than an actual counter in a mall restaurant, but there is a way that you market that you’re comfortable with.

That may be online, so you don’t have to talk to anyone, or it may be offline using Direct Mail, networking, radio, the newspaper or magazines etc.

The question is; are you combining the two modalities?

If you’re marketing offline now, do you have a digital marketing plan for your business? After all, there are millions of people spending time online.

Or if you use online marketing exclusively, do you have an offline presence? There are millions of people offline you might want to reach and do business with.

If you would like help figuring out what an online marketing presence might look like, schedule a Complimentary Discovery call with me by Clicking Here and we can outline a plan of what that might look like.

One bit of advice though. If you’re just getting your business started and don’t have a system that’s working for you to get customers, it might be best to build your business first.

While online marketing is powerful, you need to have a system that works to move people from: “I would like more information about you” to “here’s my credit card just take my money”, and until that is in place, your online marketing efforts may not bring you the results you’re looking for.

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Have a great Day