Has It Ever Felt Like Nothing You Do Is Working?

I’m willing to bet that from time to time in your business it feels like you’re going through the motions and nothing is happening.

I’ve had it happen to me and many of my clients have brought this frustration up to me as well.

In the past few weeks, I’ve had a chance to experience some of the results that have come from work I did in the past that I didn’t feel at the time had made an impact.

People have reached out to me that I had connected with months or in some cases years before and then became a client.

I had planted the seeds for this to happen, and it took time for them to grow.

In the most recent example, I had someone respond to an email I had sent six months earlier.

They replied with a note saying that they had been trying for six months to implement what I was talking about. But in six months they hadn’t been able to even get started and wanted me to call them.

I called and 15 minutes later the ball was rolling and I had a new client.

In other cases, people I had met three, four, and five years earlier reached out to me with questions and these all turned into clients.

It’s exciting when this happens and when it happens close together it really builds momentum.

But what about all that time in the middle, when it felt like I was working, and nothing was happening?

It’s like a farmer who plants a seed.

You don’t see a farmer planting corn one day and getting out the combine a week later and getting ready to go reap a substantial harvest.

There is time that must pass and work to do to make sure that they give the crop the best chance to grow.

And at harvest time they’re in the fields WORKING.

What would have happened if I hadn’t planted the seeds and then did my best to nurture them to fruition?

Now in my case nurturing the seeds might look like:

  • Sending a weekly email
  • Posting on my website
  • Social Media posting
  • Videos created and posted on Facebook and Youtube
  • Attending live events
  • Speaking at events
  • Writing a book
  • Printed newsletters
  • Etc . . .

As I look at the list it looks like a lot of work, and if no one responds right away it can feel like nothing is happening.

What makes it harder is the fact that it’s hard to tell when someone will be ready to move forward.

I keep sending out material and helping people until they’re ready to move forward.

What about your business?

What are you doing to not only plant your crop but to nurture it?

As my mentor Dan Kennedy says, the money is made in the follow-up.

And the follow-up is where many people fall to the side.

What is your plan for nurturing your crop so you can reap the harvest you deserve?

Have a great day!


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