Have you considered…

An opening line like that lets me go in many directions.

Today we’re going to look at Facebook advertising and what it does that can’t be measured.

I was listening to a podcast the other day and the speaker was talking about how they were adjusting to the IOS 14 update. This particular company was spending about $35,000 a day on Facebook ads and their results had gone down in March.

Now that was the time Facebook was making changes to its algorithm and the speaker’s company made several changes internally too.

One of the new changes was they started selling products on Amazon. They hadn’t done that in the past.

This meant that some people were seeing their ad and then going to Amazon to look for their product and buying it.

No big deal you say… after all they got the sale!

But …

You can’t put a tracking pixel on Amazon so Facebook doesn’t get any credit for the sale. So how do you know it came from Facebook?

You don’t.

This causes stress for people responsible for the Facebook ads results.

After all, if you’re spending 35k a day and not getting it back the owner gets unhappy fast.

What they did know was that their advertising costs were remaining a consistent percentage of their sales and their Amazon store was selling well.

Now you might not be selling on Amazon, but do your Facebook ads affect other metrics such as traffic, visits to your website, responses to your emails, etc.?

Most of our clients find that when they start or ramp up their Facebook spends other numbers get better too. There’s no guarantee but it seems to happen to most of our clients.

After all, people who see your ad on Facebook may not buy right then and there but they may Google you to make sure your legit or to see if you have other offers.

Haven’t you done that before personally?

Even though Facebook advertising doesn’t get the credit for the increased results, you’re still getting the return in your business.

Don’t forget that as you’re reviewing the results you’re getting from Facebook.

Have a great day!


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