Have you ever wondered…

You’ve heard of all the businesses that are using Facebook to make money.

They run an ad and business just flows in.

Facebook is their main source of leads and sales.

How did they get there?

Did they just get this system by accident, by trial and error?

Some of them maybe did, but many of them invested time and money into creating this system.

A few years ago you could create a system by trial and error and make a little money while you were doing it.

Now if you’re not careful you can spend a fair amount of money and not see anything from it.

However, with a properly designed system, you can still create a Facebook and Online Marketing system at a profit and have an asset that continues to produce leads and sales.

How do you create a system like this?

There are multiple ways:

  1. You can find random blog posts and Youtube videos and learn by trial and error.
  2. You can buy a course from one person and study and implement it.
  3. You can hire a coach to help you implement everything.
  4. You can hire someone to do everything for you.

What is the best way?

It depends on you and your situation.

Some people like to figure out everything themselves and create their own system.

This works, but it takes lots of your time and energy.

Others have a small budget and a lot of time. In this case, a course from a person with a proven system can be a winner for you. You have a system to model and you have time to learn and implement it. This reduces the time of trial and error and the cost of ads while you’re testing.

If you have a slightly larger budget you can hire a coach to help you get results much faster.

It’s like hiring a personal trainer to help you reach your physical goals. When I worked out by myself and spent time reading and talking about it, I moved forward.

But when I hired a personal trainer, things changed. They asked me what my goal was and then evaluated where I was at and designed a plan for me to get to where I wanted.

My results skyrocketed.

I still use this method. I ran my first marathon this year and I have a goal of running my next one faster. I found a running coach and a nutrition coach to help me reach my goal. I’m still working with them.

Go Social Experts provides a Done With You Coaching Option where we work with you side by side to design and implement your Facebook and Online Marketing system.

And once you’re done you have an asset that continues to perform for you. And better yet, you know how to make adjustments to it and you can create another system to continue growing your business.

This option works for established businesses that have a limited market or they have a team that is responsible for marketing, but they need outside input to get to the next level.

Imagine what it would be like to have a system that you use to sell any item or service you want on demand. You’ll know when you bring on a new product or service that you have a way to sell it and make it successful before it even reaches your store.

And finally, you can hire someone to do create everything for you.

If you have a larger established business that has proven selling systems this is a viable option for you.

Bringing in an experienced team to design and implement your Facebook and Online Marketing system can get you the fastest results with a great return on your investment.

If you’d like to talk about which of these options is best for you, schedule a FREE Facebook Discovery call. We’ll spend 30 minutes talking about YOUR business and YOUR goals and I’ll give you 2 or 3 ideas you can implement right away and I’ll suggest which type of service would be best for your business. You can schedule your call by going to www.gosocialexperts.com/callbrian30.

Have a great day!

Brian Hahn

P.S. Take a minute and write down 3 ways your life would improve if you could master Facebook and have a marketing machine in place bringing you a steady stream of new customers 24 hours a day 7 days a week.