Have you ever wondered . . .

Let me make a prediction – you’ve created Facebook posts or ads that got a great response the first time you used them, then you tried them again and they didn’t do as well or even flopped.

What happened? Why didn’t that successful ad work a second time?

Here is one possibility.

The audience you showed it to the second time might have been a colder audience, in other words, they weren’t familiar with you or your business. Click Here to read an earlier article I wrote about audience temperatures.

What does the audience temperature have to do with the success of your ads?

Well to start with, what attracts someone to an ad who is familiar with you and trusts you is different than what attracts someone who has never heard of you.

If you showed the ad to people who know and trust you and got great results, and then the next time you use the ad it is shown to people who have never heard of you, there is your challenge.

What is the difference between ads that work to attract new customers, and ones that work with people who have heard of you but haven’t bought from you ever, vs your raving fans?

Here are some general guidelines to use with ads for each audience.

Cold – Start your ad with the problem that your audience is struggling to fix. Here is a sample headline or opening line for your ad: “What if everything you’ve been told about growing a small business is wrong?” This line can work for many different businesses. I can use it for Facebook marketing and I could use it for several of my clients. This type of headline works well in B-2-B marketing.

Warm – Start ads for these audiences with the desired outcome. For example: “Who Else in Chippewa Falls Needs A Steady Flow of Customers, Clients, or Patients in Their Small Business?”

Hot – These are people that have bought from you in the past. You can start these ads out with the offer you want to make. “You’re invited to the Chippewa Falls Chapter Meeting on XXXXX at 8 am… to learn how you can create a steady flow of new customers, clients, or patients.”

As you can see the messaging you use is different for each of the audiences you’re talking to. Once you get started with the opening line you follow it up with more information that will encourage your reader to take the action you want them to take.

When you take the time and analyze who you’re talking to before you create an ad, you’re going to find that your results will continue to improve.

A little time spent in preparation can return large gains in the future.

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