How Do I Create Content?

I was talking to a client the other day who has a successful business that’s doing well.

She was frustrated because she knows she can do even better if she had more content to talk about on her social media and in her emails.

We’ve talked about this before and I wish I had an easy answer for her.

There is no magic wand that will give you all the content you want, created just for you. There are some ways that you can get content easier, but you still have to do some work.

This company is successful and their success comes from how well they operate the company and the experience they give their guests.These are critical issues because if you don’t give your guests a good experience your marketing will only work for a short time.

However, since all their focus is on making their guests happy, they tend to put marketing and creating content off to the side. Not that they don’t invest time and money, it’s just that it’s not their main focus.

They aren’t alone in this situation. I work with companies around the world who have this same issue.

The owner knows how important it is and creates marketing plans that work. But then they get so busy they stop because they don’t have time until business slows down or they put systems in place that let them handle more.

Can you relate?

The next issue is that creating content seems so unnecessary. After all, we want to sell our products and services. What does creating content have to do with that?

In the old days, we had the illusion that if we got leads and made sales that was all there was to marketing.

Well, we missed a step in our theory. It was always there, we just didn’t identify it.

The step we missed was engaging our audience. The more engaged someone is with you and your company the more likely they are to buy from you.

What does engagement look like?

It’s people opening your emails, reading your blog, listening to your podcast, watching your videos, responding in some way to your social media post, reaching out to ask you questions . . . and they don’t have to give their information to you.

As you can see there are multiple ways that people engage with you.

The more that do, the more successful you’ll be.

This company has good engagement, but they know if they had more content they would engage more people and that will lead to more sales.

Here are some Ideas for Creating Content:

  1. Decide what type of content you’re going to try first.
  2. Make a list of topics
    1. Entertain your audience
    2. Demonstrating your product
    3. Informing people about your products
    4. Educating your audience
  3. Assign a person a couple of hours a week to create content.
  4. Evaluate the results
  5. Make adjustments
  6. If it’s popular, expand your promotion of the content.
  7. Go back to 1 and pick your second choice.

Obviously, it does take time for you or a team member, which means you need to be evaluating the results you’re getting from the efforts.

If you’re running out of ideas and wondering where to get more, click here to check out a post I wrote about creating ideas for content.

After several weeks, if you’re not seeing improvements in reach and sales you need to evaluate and make adjustments.

Just remember it’s not should we create content, it’s what kind of content does my audience respond to and does it lead to more leads and sales?

Have a great day!


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