How Do I Know What Will Move My Ideal Prospect To Action?

The difference between what people tell us and what people actually do is amazing.

It’s not that they’re dishonest with us. It’s that they don’t want to hurt our feelings or, another possibility, is that they don’t even know.

Back in my grocery store days that happened often.

When we talked to people and asked what they wanted we got healthy low-fat foods mentioned… But in some departments that didn’t hold true.

For example, in the ice cream section when we asked people what they wanted everyone said they wanted low-fat healthy options. But the reality is, one of the best selling lines was Ben and Jerry’s – great tasting line of ice cream that was high in fat.

There are many other stories like that I could share.

How about you? Have situations like that happened to you in your business?

So if what people tell you can’t be trusted how do you find out what people really do want?

In the video below I give you ideas about how you can find out what your customers really want.


Putting these into action takes a little bit of time but the insights you get will lead you to better offers you can make to your customers. And this, ultimately, will lead to more sales!

Happy researching.

Brian Hahn

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