How Do You Change Your Customers’ Day?

Blog Post 8.7.18

How does your customers’ average day change because they did business with you?


In this series of articles, we’ve been talking about what kind of transformation your business gives your customer. Click Here to read the overview.

Most businesses stop at talking about what their customers have once they purchase, but there are many more levels you can explore.

The deeper you get into why it’s good to do business with you, what transformation you provide, the more success you’ll have moving people from prospects to customers.

In the earlier articles, we talked about what people have after they do business with you and then how do they feel.  

Now we’re going to talk about changing your customers’ Average Day.

When you articulate how your customers average day changes and they can see themselves having and using your product and getting results you’re going to get more sales.

When you do it well they actually form a picture in their mind. They seem themselves already having the product – and the results.

Once your reader can see themselves with it, they start feeling the need for it.

To demonstrate these messages we’ve been using our “Advanced Done With You Facebook Coaching Program” as an example. I want to continue with the same example so that you can see how all of these messages can be used for the same product.

Imagine when you log into your email every day you see a list of emails of people who are interested in your product or service.

You see names you’ve never seen before and they all have given you their contact information, and you know that your email autoresponder program is sending them messages all designed to move them to your next step, be it an offer, or to set up and appointment or . . .

You see other names of people who have taken the next step and your autoresponder program is letting you know who they are and again you know that they are being followed up with automatically without you having to do anything.

And finally, there are the people who have bought a product from you or scheduled an appointment with you so they can hire you.

They’ve been nurtured via email and they are interested in doing business with you, and you find that when you’re on the calls with them that they are ready to buy.

Then when you log into Facebook Messenger you see a similar list of people who have interacted with your Facebook Chat Bot, and they are being nurtured and moved to the next step too.

Then you reflect on what your life was like before you had your Facebook system set up.

You remember, the days you hoped and prayed you would have new leads to follow up with and new customers to help.

You wondered how you would fit in writing the next email in between going to a networking event or being active in Facebook and LinkedIn groups, trying to connect

with anyone who might seem interested.

It was hard trying to connect with new prospects and then return to the office and handle everything from your customers.

And worse yet you wondered what your sales staff was doing. They were spending all of their time trying to round up people who might be interested in talking with them.

Now their appointment books are filled regularly with people who have reached out to them inquiring about how your company can help them.

Life has certainly changed since you’ve invested in Go Social Experts “Advanced Done With You Facebook Coaching Program”.

And the best part is that you have the knowledge to create and implement the next system. It’s a good thing you do too, as it’s going to come in handy when you launch your next product line next month.

Your business is growing by leaps and bounds and it’s fun coming to work each morning.

And you even look forward to opening your email every morning. In fact, you even find yourself sneaking a peek in the middle of the day to see how many more leads have come in.

If this isn’t your typical day contact Brian at Go Social Experts to see how it can be. Click Here to schedule a call.

Now as you read the message above feel the difference between this and what the message is like when I tell you what you’re going to have. Click Here to compare.

Now both messages are needed. People want to know what they’re going to get from you, but don’t stop your messaging there keep going deeper with your messaging.

In the next article, we’re going to deeper still and talk about how your product or service can change your customers’ status.

Have a great day!


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